I Believe Essay

November 28, 2016
By , clarkston, MI

I am currently 13 years old, I have seen plenty of things in my 13 years. As I have grown up I have been through good and bad times. Even through those bad times something good has come out of them. I believe everything happens for a reason.


When I was a young boy my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. I was so mournful, depressed and all out just mad! Out of all the eight billion people this could of happened to, it happend to my mom. She had stage two breast cancer. It was very scary and my family and I didn't know what was going to happen. She spent most of her time watching TV, and sleeping. She looked pale and weak and all out terrible. As a young boy I never really you knew what was going on. I always had hope; I always thought she would be okay. I never realized I had to consider what time I had left. I never realized I should value my time I had left. Good thing I didn't have to because that day never came. My mom fought cancer for two years and beat it. She has been cancer free for eight years. She is truly an inspiration, for me and others. After having cancer my mom went gluten free, dairy free, and no sugars! That is a hard diet to keep and she has kept it for eight years and counting. To add onto that my mom runs three miles every single day! Not only does she eat healthy, exercises but also is a mom of two kids. Also she has a very high up corporate job with Astellas. Through my eyes my mom is a superhero.


Another one of my family members that had good come from bad is my cousin Max. He lives on Deer Lake, the same lake as I do . His favorite thing is to snow ski. He was a freshman on varsity. Their first race meet he was warming up towards the side of the hill. He was carving and cutting right through the snow. Suddenly the moguls appeared and he did not see them! He flew off the mogul and landed on his back! All you could hear was people gasping and screaming. His legs were broken and twisted everywhere. He was rushed to the hospital and immediately put into surgery. He was going to be in a wheelchair for a few months. I remember him having doubts wondering if he would ever ski again. Through the summer he went to the gym every day. He worked his legs and his arms. When he got back from the gym he went for a run! He repeatedly did this, he was determined  to ski again. Max did not want to sit on the sideline and watch. After 10 months he had another surgery to get the metal rods out of his legs. Once again he was in a wheelchair. Yet he still wanted to get better as fast as he could. So he kept going to the gym every day. Once ski season came he was in better shape than before the accident. At the end of the ski season he won MVP and was ranked best sophomore in the state. Not to mention they got third place at states. I believe Max breaking his legs was a good thing. It pushed him, it made him want it more!


In conclusion, this is why I believe everything happens for a reason. I do not believe in a bad accident. Something good will always come out of it. As long as you stay positive and true to yourself you will never be let down. My mom and Max taught.  I could come up with a million examples from just my life, but I am not going to waste your time. Even if you just think for a minute, you will see why I am getting this message across.

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