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November 26, 2016
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For me, a person does not have to have super powers to be a hero. ?f a person saves your life without super powers, and if he shows you the right way, he is a hero. For that reason, i consider my mother as a heroine. 

First of all, a mother never leaves you alone. When you are sick, she waits for hours just for you, she gives you medicament and of course make that famous mother soup so that you can heal. Just like a superhero, when your are downhearted, she's the only one that can fulfill your pleasure is to set it up.we can say that when the subject is you, they do everything from their hands, for example, if someone in school attacks you, they become a heroine because they take precautions to protect you. In addition,they are afraid something will happen to you while you are alone ?n the road and that's the reason why a mother you pick up where you want with their Batmobile :)

We understand that a mother can be a heroine because of the power and energy of their warm embracing is so high that you believe they are supernatural and just like a superhero, they always have a voice to say about everything, they guide us to improve the values of being a good person, maybe you can not understand very well at that time but you know how right it was when you dropped it later,whether you want to admit it or not, she is always right. Honesty and justice are so beautifully done that you feel like it's his job. Which is the job. Also they always answers immediately when you call, listen you to find a solution. ?n addition, a mother knows exactly what you like and what you are clacking about, sometimes even surprising you with little surprises, adding pleasure to your pleasure for example those most beautiful family holidays are always planned by your mother, not your father! So much more superb can a person be ?  


As a conclusion, friends and lovers come and go, but mothers are always the heroines we will trust.

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