Therefore, I Am Human and We Are People

November 23, 2016

When I say 'I'm not a girl!' - I mean it. I'm nothing close to a girl. I've never been and I will never be one. But then, obviously, you will ask me if I'm a boy. The answer is still 'I'm not'. 'You can't be neither a boy or a girl.'- you will say. Yeah? Watch me.

I've been living with that fact since the moment I started to think, and you need to face it. I'm not some confused teenager who was born girl and then somehow found out he's not a girl, I've known this fact 'I'm not anything you want to label me with' since the day I learned the meaning of word 'know'.

I'm sorry to say it and I don't really wanna be offensive or rude, but go f*** yourself, if you think your words will make a difference. I know it, I had to deal with it - and now you need to do it too.

There's nothing scary or wrong with me being neither a boy or a girl. There's nothing scary or wrong with me using different pronouns time to time.

I'm not a mistake and I have a full right to live, to speak for myself, to be.

That's not Shakespeare's play with his 'To be or not to be: that's the question', actually, there's nothing even to ask.

You live and I will as well, you die and I will as well.
I am similar to you and you're similar to me.
I'm messed up just like you are and you're messed up just like me.
Sometimes I feel messed up, sometimes I feel wrong, sometimes I feel like I shouldn't been born - and do not lie you didn't felt the same way.
My genitalia does not define who I am,
My parents does not define who I am,
not even my gender defines who I am,
only I have a right to do it.
(and I don't really care if I don't know what to do with myself (you feel the same way often, I know it), but not knowing cannot take away my right.)

I just hope that some day I will meet someone who will not ask me about my sex or my gender or my passport name, but instead he or she or any other preferable pronoun will ask me about my favourite ice cream flavour, favourite movie with Elijah Wood and favourite The Dead Kennedeys song.

How I was born does not define who I am,
but I am not a boy
and I am not a girl,
and neither of you are,
I am Human
and we are people.

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