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November 24, 2016
By BhavyaS SILVER, Jaipur, Other
BhavyaS SILVER, Jaipur, Other
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Reminiscing about the journey that I've been traveling in, I have come across a phase where I realise my strengths, the reasons causing euphoria to me, have analyzed my extricating behavior and have become a headstrong person with a beautiful heart.

I have sulked to bits during this journey, have been kaput yet I'm here with my head held high with diligence and nonchalance.

I might have not been the idealistic person but I'm for me, my best friend, my soul partner and my pillar of support.

I intended not to hurt others, but I happened to do that too. It causes a stinging sensation because of the guilt and misery but yet I'll try to make myself grow more and get better than yesterday.

I have stumbled upon paths, have been working endlessly to make through the other corner of the room, I crawl but one day I will learn to walk, to run.

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