Being the New Kid at a Different School

November 11, 2016
By Laurencatherine BRONZE, Midland, Michigan
Laurencatherine BRONZE, Midland, Michigan
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I was 16 when I moved into my grandma's for a better school. It was going to be my sophomore year; I was so excited, but at the same time scared. I was most happy to actually start over.


My old school wasn't the best for me. I was very behind on everything. When I started here I was a sophomore, but I had some freshman credits. At first I didn't really understand that, but I had my brother Evan explain it to me. He was a senior, we were starting over together. I was so scared though because I have really bad social anxiety and anxiety in general. It’s very hard for me to make new friends.

The first day of school i was so nervous to go into my classes because I made my first mistake already: i went to the wrong classroom,  But everyone makes mistakes, right? Yes everyone does, but you learn from them. I did like a week after.

After the first class was over i thought it was going to be easy, and my second class was easy. I found my best friend Ashley. It took three days for she and I  to actually talk.  I'm so happy we did because she is my best friend and no one can ever change that.

She's been there when i had my worst time and good times. She's always here for me and i'm always there for her.

Later that first day was horrible because i didn't have anyone i know in my lunch. i sat by myself. I texted my sister and called her crying over the phone and telling her how i wanted to go back to Sterling. I didn't want to stay in Midland. i was very homesick.  The first day of the new school in all was horrible. I still don't like to think about it to this day.

After a couple of weeks of going to Dow, i barely had friends, but i had my best friend Ashley.

It started in choir we sat by each other and she started talking to me. At first i didn't talk back but something changed. i felt like i could be myself.  “ Hey do you know what peice we are suppose to be having out” “ yes, this amazing grace” “ what's your name, im ashley” “ I'm Lauren”

After a few weeks went by, i started to have friends. It wasn't that easy, but i somehow made them.  Slowly i talked to people. Sometimes i just stood there by some people i new and then got invited in to hang out with them.

The classes weren't easy though; i struggled a lot. I have really bad anxiety, so whenever the teacher asked me a question, i got really nervous and ended up saying something wrong. I really do hate talking in class. i'm normally quiet unless a teacher or a student is asking me something. That's my biggest struggle in school.
  The reason i actually don't like the first year here is because i got bullied a lot. It was a very hard year for me. People that didn't even know me but knew people from my past started things with me.  The reason why my first 
I dealt with a lot from moving to a new school to drama with my mum.  My mum and I always had an on and off relationship. When i moved in with my grandma my mom didn’t talk to me until she had to pay my grandma
But at school i had this one call i was so happy about. My baby cousin was born after two days in labor. I was checking my phone every hour to see if i got that call and at lunch i did. It made my year better. I had a reason to keep going. I had a reason to keep pushing through.

  I will say my first year at Dow wasn't good. It still isn't good. I want to be homeschooled but i made my grandpa a promise that i would stay in school and walk down to get my diploma. That's my goal is to walk down and say i did it even though most of the time i cry when i go home or get really upset cause i don't understand the homework.

I’ve got a really good support system which helps me keep going. My grandma is one person who kept me on track the first year. I alway told my grandma that i liked some of the teachers at Dow because they made a point to get to know the student. My favorite class was choir, but at the end of my first year i keep getting sick, so i decided to quit after first semester of my second year.  It was a hard choose to make, but it was better to take something else i liked than hurt my voice.

At the end of my first year of being a sophomore at Dow  was a horrible but good year.  I wish i didn't move, but at the same time i liked the change. It was a new school, new me, new everything. I still have my best friend from that year, and i'm so grateful for her. She's my rock.

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