Skateboarding to Detention

November 3, 2016
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It all started in 8th grade algebra class with the Homies from MMB we were learning about some equations and other boring stuff. We were watching skating videos and in the one video we had been watching. The kids were having a senior prank, they rode their boards through the halls of the school. We had been talking about doing something funny like that. Because this was the last year  I would be going to their school and we wanted to do something crazy and funny to remember and look back on and laugh at. Well we went after school to my buddies house to get a plan together. We had stayed up till the late hours of the night constructing the plan. We had a week left of school so we had to think of something fast well we all agreed on the skating the halls but we all had second thoughts but agreed that what could possibly go wrong.

On the friday which was the last day of school we brought our boards in our backpacks and waited in the classroom. For the last day of school bell as soon as it rang we were off skating the halls grinding the arm rails and the benches till we got to the main hallway and the security officer grabbed us and carted us to the office. There we all sat confused and wondering what we did wrong one by one they brought us all into the principal's office and we all had gotten detention but it didn't make sense because it was the last day how could we all serve it when it's summer vacation. They called our parents and we all went home upset and angry about what had happened so we all had the weekend to figure out what to do.

When monday rolled around we all got up to go to the school. The detention was a week long thing because we had “damaged the school property” or they said we did. I walked into the room super tired and groggy and there they were my friends all of us sat in the corner we all noticed that the teacher was a bit older than we had all expected to be for a detention teacher so we all sat there for a bit until he said” ok boys why so sad.”

So Keaton speaks up and says” dude for real we are in detention while everyone else gets to have summer vacation are you serious.”

We were all feeling pretty upset and mad towards the new teacher at this point until. He replied with “well what did u guys do to get here?”

I spoke up and said “ well we got caught skateboarding the hallway when school let out for vacation and we had to pay for the damage to the benches.”

What he said next changed my whole view on teachers forever I had no idea that teachers some teachers were actually that cool. He said ”well that's kinda dumb guys when I was your age I did fun stuff like that all the time, why don't we ditch this place and go have some fun.”

We all had shocked looks on our faces a teacher telling us to ditch school we couldn't believe it so we were a little edgy at first but we ended up having fun.

He took us to mcdonalds everyday for that week and we went to the skatepark and on the last day of that detention we went out and bought him his own board. To this day I will never forget that lesson I learned from him and I wish I could see him again one day to thank him for a good time, and Teaching me the lesson of not all people are so serious and boring you just have to give someone the chance to realize that everyone is cool and has a fun side you just gotta find it under the right circumstances..    

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