My First and ONLY F in English

November 22, 2016
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All my life people have told me about how great a reader I am and how smart I was. But then it happened....middle school. All though elementary I was in the gifted program ya know kids with high lexile and reading levels so of course I got put into English Honors my first year in middle school. Unfortuanely for me I got the strictest, ruthless, and overall heartless english teacher that has ever existed. I was terrified! Here I was, a jittery mess of a 6th grader surrounded by the geniuses and then this shark of a teacher who was always circling, looking for her next victim. So let's fast-forward to that awful day, shall we? It's was a couple weeks after school had officially started, I spent my days cowering and attempting to shrink so as to not be noticed by anyone. We had just finished some sort of video and were expected to write a elegant and critical review of said video. I did my work, looked it over and thought I did pretty good. (Just to give you a sense of the amount of pressure and work that was over me, just imagine a gigantic anvil hanging over you with a rapidly loosening rope, not a warm fuzzy feeling right?) So, fast forward a day or so to when we got our papers back. When I got mine everything froze. A F. Failure staring me in the face. I was in shock! In school the only subject I could feel confident in was english and here was a F, telling me how awful I was. I went home and cried so hard and long I felt like I could've made a entire ocean out of my tears. My parents were understanding and decided it would be best for my emotional and mental health to transfer me out of that womans class. I am so grateful that I can have my faith in English restored.

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