I Am a Writer

November 17, 2016
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One of the hardest things I have come to realize is I am a writer. Just saying the phrase, “I am a writer” still brings a certain amount of anxiety. You see, growing up I loved math and science. I constantly got lost outside playing with worms, bugs, and anything I could pull apart to figure out how it worked. From an early age I knew I want to become an aeronautical engineer. I was an active kid who rarely ever sat down with a book – yet alone paper and pencil. Sure, my mom tried to get me to sit still and write and practice spelling, but I preferred complicated math problems and exploring the earth. Unfortunately, my struggles to sit still and write as a little kid carried over into adulthood.

I suppose my life has turned out the way I imagined. I am a student studying in college at present. Yet, on a daily basis I am expected to write. I fought this idea for a few months pretending I could get by studying and solving complicated math problems.

I never enjoyed writing, never thought I was good at it, and have basically tired to avoid it at all costs. However, that blissful ignorance could not (and did not) last forever. I was fortunate enough to have mentors who took the time to explain to me how important writing was to my scientific career.  If I want to be good at studies, I must be good at writing. It took some time to accept this reality. And finally I learned that a writing of today can bring a writer tomorrow.

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