How To Be A Successful K-Pop Star

November 15, 2016
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Step 1: Put down the fried chicken
That's right, I'm talking to you, the one with a bucket of KFC in their hand. Idols don't eat stuff like that so why should you? You have to go on a very harsh diet that will make you literally look like the phrase “skin and bones”. So trade that bucket of fatty fried deliciousness for a flavorless salad (AND NO DRESSING!!!).

Step 2: Pick Up those Face Masks
You wish I was joking on this, I know, but I'm not. If you want to be any type of idol you cannot sport a pizza face around. The K-Pop industry greatly emphasizes the importance of looks. Although you can always consider plastic surgery (something many idols get, or a great stylist may be all you need, but you can help them out and do your part by taking care of your face using facial cleansers. Most, if not all, idols care for their faces everyday with face masks, special cleansers, or just plain soap and water wash. Your looks matter. A lot. They are not the only thing that matters but looks are important.

Step 3: Skills
Obviously a huge factor in being an idol is having the skills required for the job. You cannot go into your audition and dance like you do not have any bones; you need to actually be good. I don't think more needs to be said, other than make sure you don't make a complete fool out of yourself in front of the company staff.

Step 4: Remember Why You Are Doing This
Sit down somewhere quiet for a second and think about why you want to be an idol. Remember when you were two years old and started walking and wiggling around like a baby, and how over the years you grew to doing actual dancing? As you grew and grew you realized how passionate you are about dancing, singing, and even rapping. Remember how you would dance in your room with a little speaker and imagined you were performing on a stage in front of hundreds or thousands of cheering fans. Think about all the people who told you that your dream is insane and tried to bring you down. Use those people as motivation to prove they were wrong about you and you can be better than they would have ever believed. At the end of the day, you will be the one on the stage and they will be the one in the crowd with the crappy seats at the way back of the stadium wishing like crazy that they believed in you from the start. Also, think about your family and how you want to make them proud. Think about your mom. Think about all the days you spent taking care of her when she was sick, about how she always wanted you to follow your dreams and be happy, about how big of a smile she would make seeing you performing on stage a song you made just for her.

Step 5: Get Used To Judgement
Now you have had plenty of experience with judgement, and I really mean plenty. You grew up being excluded for being unique and different than the rest. As a highschooler, you hoped things would be different but your life only got worse. You dealt with fake friends who created insane rumors about you, guys who were extremely hot but really awful to you, and people who believed those rumors but never asked you to clarify whether they are true or false. None of that matters anymore, you have to get over it all. Ignore the weird looks and judgemental glares you get when you never did anything wrong. If you think people will judge you less just because you are an idol you are surely mistaken, they judge you even more. You will get bashed for one tiny spelling error on some photo you post on Instagram, or something equally ridiculous. There will also be people who stalk your past and try to make up rumors that you bullied someone or got plastic surgery just because you had a lot of “baby weight” on you as a young kid. In the end: You are a great person and, although many people don't appreciate you, there will always be people who do. Plus, your fans will always defend you on anything, so remember they have your back.

Step 6: Wardrobe Change
You cannot wear your favorite sweatshirt and sweatpants on your way to a music show or the airport. Come on now, it's just not okay! At least buy a few new clothes and wear that casual stuff at home. Idols have class, you know!

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