How To Be Nice

November 15, 2016
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Being nice is hard to do a lot of times. For many people, holding their temper and their composure is very difficult to do. But not to worry, I have some tips for being nice in many scenarios. In no time, you too can make your temper seem nonexistent.

Temper In The Workplace-Customers, employees, the amount of money in your paycheck, a number of things could make that temper flare at work.  However, work is one of the most important places you must hold your temper and hold your composure. Do you really want to risk getting fired because Susan was talking trash about how you stocked the tuna cans during her lunch break? Or could it be a customer that has extreme selective hearing. Let's say you are a cashier at a grocery store. You're checking out a woman's groceries and she pulls out a coupon that says “Buy One Box Of Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, Get One Half Off” and hands it to you. You check the expiration date of the coupon and notice it expired over three years ago. You tell the woman that this coupon is no longer able to be used. She gets upset, demanding to know why she can't just use it and why she can't just get a discount anyway given that she did not know the coupon was expired.

At this moment, you're probably thinking you should just slap her and shake some sense into her, but that might not only get you fired, it also might prevent you from getting another job once you're fired. Instead, you take a deep breath and try to calm the woman down as best you can, trying to explain to her that her coupon expired over three years ago, meaning the sale was over three years ago, and you can't just give a discount anyhow, and it is up to the manager to determine that. So instead of just losing it, take the nice way out. Offer for a manager to speak to her. Better yet, offer to walk her right over to the manager who's just going to tell her the same exact thing you've explained over 19 times in a six minute period. Once the manager has control over the situation, you should go and grab a cup of water, cool off, and get ready for the next load of customers.

Temper In School- Being in a building where there's an overwhelming amount of drama, rumors, and time consuming SCHOOLWORK, can stress you out and cause you to lose your temper. Let's say you just got this pair of sneakers, and you SPECIFICALLY have told people not to step on them and scuff them up because they're so new. But while you're standing in the line for lunch, this one guy just has to act like an idiot with his friends, he takes a step back and he blackens almost half of your sneaker toe. You can feel the blood boiling inside you. You can feel your fists itching to just punch him square in the face. But before you can say anything, he turns around and apologizes for stepping on you.

You could embarrass him in front of his friends, you could react immaturely, but he did apologize. So instead of losing it, you do the nice thing of accepting his apology, and move out of his way so he won't step on you again. Take a deep breath, grab your lunch, and just sit, and eat.

Temper In Public- Whether it's on a bus, on a train or on a sidewalk, tempers flare in public places more than you think. Let's say you accidentally bump into this guy. “WATCH IT!” He mumbles, but loud enough for you to hear. He was in the way! Walking where he wasn't supposed to be! Who does he think he is?! Instead of handling the situation in a negative way, and instead of thinking of ways to express those thoughts to him, keep your thoughts to yourself, and you apologize for bumping into him. Take the nice approach. Walk away. Get on your train and drink some of your iced coffee and cool off.

Temper At Home- It's been a long day of holding in your temper and you're finally home. You just want to kick back with a cup of ice and relax. Your older brother walks in and can see the stress on your face, so being a brother, he decides to do what brothers do best and bother you.

He keeps poking at your face with the wet straw from the smoothie he had been drinking a second ago, almost as if your face was a pin cushion. You tell him in an annoyed tone to stop it. He mocks you and keeps on poking you. You can only take so much and so finally, you SNAP. You scream in his face and throw your ice in his face. You lose it. After all, your house is a place where you don't have to hold everything in all the time. You can let loose because you know everyone here, and they don't need any special treatment (most of the time).

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