Invincible Grandpa

November 14, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to witness a miracle? When it was happening I didn't realize that it was a miracle until after it was over. This story is about my hardworking grandpa that I love and want to be like when I grow up. He had many jobs trying to earn money to support his family. He was a painter, butcher, military infantryman soldier, firefighter, fire chief of all of Eugene, a farmer, a hunter, and many more.He has so much knowledge and wisdom and he’s very caring. Grandpa has survived so much like a ATV flipped over on him and crushed his skull. Survived a baby snakebite which is worse than a n adults because the adults send their venom into their prey in pulses when babies do it all at the same time.

Grandpa is a strong christian man that is very respected. He is known as a hard worker. Grandpa was born into a dirt poor family that didn’t have much. So he had to get money to survive. His father(my great grandpa) was also in the military. He was constantly moving since his dad was in the military. He never went to a certain place for more than two years. Imagine going to three different high schools three different colleges and tons of grade schools.

When he left to got to the military he had no money and when he came back he also had nothing. So he had to get any job he could get to be able to support a family and provide food. He was willing to do anything. That’s why he was a painter and a butcher because that was the only job available to him.

Late one night he was out with some friends and they were on four wheelers. Somehow when he was riding his it flipped over and landed on him crushing a part of his skull. He was lifted into the air from a helicopter rushed to the ER. But since they live out in the country it took the helicopter an hour to finally get there after the incident had happened. Blood started to flood his brain so they had to do surgery or he would die. So the doctors sedated him so they could try to sew the piece back onto his brain. The doctors said that he wouldn’t make it. He was sedated and couldn’t talk or communicate. We(me my brother and sister) weren’t allowed to see him because we had just been to disneyland with him and grandma and if he didn’t make it they wanted that happy moment with him to be the one we remember him by. My dad told that when he and his brother went to talk to him that his heart rate went up(couldn’t talk because he was in a coma).  It was very hard to go through every day knowing that anytime your grandpa could die. I prayed everyday that God would spare my beloved grandpa. Finally we got the good new that he was okay. I was overjoyed. I could finally see him. When I first laid eyes on him I started balling. He was not the same tough strong man I had known all my life. He was stickly thin and he looked very weak. But that mattered not to me. Thank you Lord for healing my Grandpa.

Strangely that was not the end of his adventures. One day he was at an RV park and when he went to remove the blocks that hold the tires in place a snake came out of nowhere and bit him. He said that the bite went through his entire foot and it was a baby rattlesnake. Those are more deadly than adults. Adult rattlesnakes send their venom in pulses, usually just enough to kill its prey. Babies send it all at once because they haven’t learned yet to send pulses. So once again he was rushed to the ER and turned up ok. Then he had his friend find that snaked and kill it. His friend sent him the snake's body but kept the head. 

I think that my grandpa (Phil) is a great example of what I wish more people were like today. I think it’s neat to know that God has his hand around my grandpa keeping him safe. I am very thankful that I got to witness this miracle happen. Also a blessing came out of this because they(Grandpa and Grandma) used to come down around 6 times a year. But since he nearly died he spends as much time with us as he can. They probably come down every week and now they are a huge part of our lives. I am very blessed to have a man like him in my life.

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