The Right Mindset

November 14, 2016
By Soccergirl38 BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
Soccergirl38 BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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There are many times in life when you are going into something and you have two choices. You can choose to have a positive mind set or you can choose to have a negative mind set. There are many times when I've had to choose between the two. It happens almost every soccer game that I play. But there was one time in particular that stands out to me. It was the time we played the best team in our league for soccer. The whole team had a choice that would affect our whole game and how they played as individuals. The choice was if they would go into the game thinking that we could win or think that we would get crushed.

We were playing Copa, the best soccer team in our league. The team was all really nervous for the game because we had heard many things about this team. Copa played really dirty.  Which pretty much sums up to say that at least in every game playing them, one person got hurt. Our team had never played them before but our other team had and three people got hurt and were out for the next few days. They also lost to them. None of us wanted to get hurt.but we all really wanted to win and play our hardest. This team also had the number one yellow carded girl on there team so we were a little nervous.

My mom has always told me to have the right mindset. She tells me that if I go into a game thinking that we have no chance of winning, then we probably won’t. But if we think that we can win and we will play well then we will have a much better chance.  I had always thought that was not true and it did not matter if I thought that we would win or lose. But I decided that this might be a good game to try this idea out because this was a game that I really wanted to win.

Once the game had started, it was very clear that this team wanted to win. But we had the same idea in mind. We started off the game really strong. We played very tough and smart. We made really good passes and played as a team. Our whole team had the mindset of winning and playing a really aggressive and tough game. In the end of the game we went into Pks because we had tied 4-4. Even though we lost in the Pks, the game was the main thing that we were thinking about. After the game my mom had told me that that game was the best game she had seen us play. She said we looked like a different team. Our team had played great and we had no injuries the whole game.

In the end, having the right mindset really does affect the way you do things. Not just soccer but other things can be affected by your mindset. For example, your tests. When you think you’ll fail a test, you most likely will since you have already told yourself you are going to do really bad on this test. When you have a bad mindset, you are telling your brain that you can’t do something and that you should not even bother trying. But if you have a positive mindset, your brain will work hard and reward you. You can control what the outcome is in things. A positive mindset will help you realize that you are capable of anything that you put your mind to.

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