Anthill Small Moment

November 9, 2016
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“Ding, ding, ding!”, the bell rang. My class had ended. I was rushing out of my classroom with all of my classmates to the schoolbus. “Hey! No running!”, I heard a teacher yell but, that didn’t stop me.
The school bus wasn’t even turned on so I had to wait until the bus started with everyone else in my situation. Suddenly, I heard a scream, “Ants!”. Me being extremely bored while waiting for the bus to start, I obviously wanted to know what was going on.
            I was on my way to the voice. On the way I saw a line of disgusting amounts of ants. I wondered where all the ants were heading to. I followed them.
I was in shock. A huge anthill was there. I believe it was about 2 feet tall and many people crowded around it. “What would happen if I poured water on this?”, I thought. One of the people that was staring at the anthill was Justin. Justin was a classmate of mine and caused a lot of trouble so I expected him to do something crazy with the anthill. And so he did do something crazy that none of you would expect.
Without any warning to his surroundings, he kicked the anthill. “No Justin!”. Ants then started spewing out mixed with the dirt from the anthill. You could imagine what could happen next but the worst of the worst outcome happened, the ants landed on me.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH!”, my surroundings with my shirt full of dirt and tons of ants clinging on my arms and legs. My face changed bright pink in embarrassment. Justin covered his mouth with his hands and stared at me with guilt. “I am so sorry.” he said. “Ugh,” I replied. My skin became red, spotty, and itchy. “I hate you Justin,”.
Only a few minutes later, someone told the teacher about what was going on. I could then hear the footsteps of the teacher walking to Justin’s doom. She arrived, Justin then looked at her with his mouth open, speechless. “What is wrong with you.” the teacher said. “Let’s talk in private with the principle.”, “Yes ma'am”. And so he left.

My bus came and everyone gave a dirty look at me once I took a seat. I could hear the people sitting behind me saying. “He looks so gross.”, “Ew!”, “Look at his arms”. I was extremely mad at Justin.
Justin didn’t come to school the next day. Many people believed that Justin was suspended. Luckily, I went to the doctor’s office and put medicine on my skin so that the bug bites would heal.
This memory still drives me crazy today. Why did this have to happen to me? I realized that my luck was rotten after this memory.

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