Funeral day

November 9, 2016
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Swish! Swish! Swish! It was getting very boring and hot outside. As I headed inside to change out of my sweaty clothes, I heard the phone start ringing. My mom was in the vicinity, so I just left the phone ringing and went to change from my sweaty clothes. I sprinted downstairs to beat my brother to the PS3, but he already there. I was so mad I just wanted to throw a punch at him and I yelled,” I hate you!”. I started stomping up the stairs in rage my parents called me to their room. As I walked in I wanted tell my parents that my brother stained my mom’s silk cloth, but my parents stopped me and said that my best friend’s grandpa died. I tried to hold in my tears by sitting down, and looking sad like the my parent . I felt like this was a bad time to ask, but I said why are you all dressed up. They replied, “We are going to their house, and  there is no running around in their house,  you know Amit’s parents don’t want anything to break.” I quickly realized that he had gum, so I sprinted into to my brothers room  to take some money from him to give to my friend for some gum. I sort of had this feeling of regret but I just pushed that thought away and just ran downstairs with his 5 dollars in my pocket.
When we got there, the first thing I did was look for my friend, but my brother gave me a slight nudge. That is when I  rushed over to my friend’s parents and said I was sorry for their loss and Then I sprinted into my friend’s bedroom. As I entered his room, I saw Amit watching youtube videos on his computer in his pig sty of a room. I just thought to myself does he even care that his grandpa died. I felt so weird asking him if he cried, but he replied,” I cried a little bit and now I have to move on, can we do something so I don’t have to think about too much.”
I asked,” do you have the gum, I have the money. He replied,” Yes, but do not tell the other kids.” Five minutes the later, a huge group of kids bombarded into the room and it was chaos.Kids were jumping on each other and throwing pillows all over the place so I decided to play some Marco polo on the stairs and in the hallway. I was so glad the parents were outside because it is going to be loud and very messy. The game we were playing soon got interrupted with bratty, annoying brother who said, “ I am going tell dad that you are not obeying the rules unless you let me play with you guys.” I had to say yes so my dad doesn’t scold me.
We were playing for so long that I was getting very thirsty. As I walked down the stairs, my brother suddenly slapped me. Rage was flowing through my body as I jumped on top of him on the staircase and started to pinch and kick him. Then, he decided to slide down stairs with me on top of him and his phone in his back pocket.
I was just so mad that I just quit the game and decided to sit outside to get some food. When I finished my food, I went back inside. Suddenly, I heard police sirens outside. I decided to ignore it and thought to myself why would police come to the corner of a neighborhood. They got closer and closer, so I just ran upstairs where everyone was playing and hid on the balcony.
I overheard the conversation with the police, they said, “someone called us from this house and we heard a lot of screaming. What happened?”  My parents looked sad because someone died and the cops thought something was going so they stepped inside. That was the moment I knew I was in trouble for stealing my brother’s money to get gum from my friend. Suddenly, they left. I ran downstairs to ask my mom what happened and she said someone must of butt dialed them. I said that my brother did it, because he was the only one that had a phone in his pocket! I just felt so stupid. When they left, I couldn’t bare keeping a secret from my brother, so I told him that I took some of his money to buy gum. He asked me in his deep voice,” Did you buy the gum?” I replied, “Yes, but I am so sorry.” I was so surprised when he said good, and we ended up sharing the gum. I was glad we had some peace between each other, the last few years we were kind of at war.

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