The Surgery

November 14, 2016
By Anonymous

I hope it’s not appendicitis. I really don’t want to know what is going on. I thought.

My mom and I were on the way to the doctor. My parents were really worried about me, so, they decided to take me to my doctor. I was the thinking about what was going on the whole entire way to the doctor. I felt like stopping the car and making my mom turn around and go back home.

“ Does your stomach still hurt?” my mom asked.

“ Yeah. It’s killing me” I replied

My mom always tried turn to the bright side on everything. She always tries to cheer me up when I feel miserable and will do anything she could to make anyone feel better.

“Ok. Don't worry. The doctor will figure what is going on and fix it in no time.”  my mom said.

We arrived at the doctor. I was scared to go in. I was walking very slowly. My heart was beating out of my chest. I didn’t want to know why my stomach was hurting. We arrived at the door. My heart was beating more than ever before.

“ Do I have to go in there?” I whined.

“Well, you have no choice.” my mom said, “Don’t you want to know why your stomach is hurting?”

“Ughhhh” I groaned

I got in, scared to death about was going to happen.

We sat down and waited for about 15 minutes. The office was divided into two parts- one room for sick people, and another room for the healthy people. I went into the sick area. The room wasn’t that big. There were very few chairs and they were pretty old. In front of the chairs, There was a desk where you could sign in and you could see the other half of the room. Our wait was over and I got scared again.

The door opened and the  blond haired nurse called out my name, “ Jenna?”

My mom and I stood up and we went inside. The nurse took me to the area where they measure your weight and your height.

“ You are 78 pounds and 5 feet 4 inches.” the nurse said.

She took me to a room full of giraffe pictures, and I sat down on the bed. She checked my temperature and my throat and ears. Then, she asked me questions.

“ So, what is going on today?” she asked
“ My stomach really hurts on the bottom right side.”
“Ok. When did it start?” She asked while writing down everything on a piece of paper.
“Yesterday” I replied.
“Did you have anything else with it?”
“ Well, first my stomach was hurting at the top, and I was vomiting all day and then, once the vomiting stopped, my stomach started hurting on the side.”
“ Ok. Ok.” she said still writing down on her paper.
“Ok, so the doctor will be coming in just a few minutes, okay?”
“ Thank you” I said

We waited for another 15 minutes and my doctor, Dr. Keswani came in. She was a tall, short haired doctor who is extremely nice and is just like my mom. She always tries to cheer people up.

She did the same things as the nurse did and she started checking my stomach more. After she was done, she said something that I never expected her to say.

“Ok, Jenna, you have this thing called appendicitis and this causes the appendix to become inflamed. If we do not take care of it right away, it could rupture. That is not a good thing because then, bad bacteria will be released into your body. However, we can not be absolutely sure that you have it. We just think that there is a 99% chance the you have it from the what we feel. We need to take you to the hospital for further information. They will examine your stomach more and they will determine if you need to do a surgery or not.” the doctor said, “But, no need to worry, you will get it over with and you won't need to worry about it ever again. You're brave. I’m pretty sure you can handle it.”

That actually kind of lifted me up. What she said made me stop worrying about it a little bit, but was still scared.

The doctor gave my mom the address to the hospital. Before we left, the doctor said, “Good luck Jenna! Hope you feel better soon!”

“Thank you!” I said

We went to the car and started driving to the hospital. We got lost and almost went into the ‘DO NOT ENTER. WRONG WAY’ section. We found our way eventually and arrived at the hospital. While we were looking for a parking spot, my mom and I found my dad waiting outside in front the emergency door. My mom dropped me off and I went inside with my dad. The room was very tiny and dark. It felt like I was in the movie theater, just without the movie screen. Instead of waiting for our turn like I thought we would, we surpassed every body sitting down and went inside. The nurse took us into another room which had a bunch of desks and equipment. It was way brighter than the other office, which I liked. She took me in and there was a chair right in between her and another guy. I sat in the chair and she checked my blood pressure. Then she took me into another room to do some blood tests. After the blood tests were done, she replaced the metal needle with a rubbery plastic needle so I would be able to move my arm around. I had to keep it in so they would put the IV through it. The nurse attached this bag that was full of electrolytes since I lost a lot from the day before.

They took me into a waiting room with a bed so I could lay down. We waited for about 15 minutes and they took me to the Ultrasound Room. It took about 10-20 minutes there and then they took me back to the room and I had to wait again. Once we were about to leave to do the surgery, my dad had to leave to pick up my brother from school. I gave him a huge hug and my final goodbyes before I left to do the surgery.

We went through all these doors which took forever to open. We finally made it through all those doors and instead of going into the surgery room, the nurses pushed my bed to the side of the wall. I waited for an even longer time and finally, the surgeon came in to introduce herself.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Fuchs and I will be your surgeon.”

For a second there, I thought her name was Dr. Pukes . If you were actually there, you would have heard her say pukes.

“I know, i know. It sounds like pukes. A way to remember my name is pukes, if you want. Since lots of people thought that it was pukes, I just made a joke out of it. Anyway, you will be doing the surgery in about half an hour ok?” the surgeon said

“Ok. Thank you.” I replied

After half an hour a nurse came up to me and asked me if I ate anything which I did, like an hour ago.

“Ooooh. Since you just ate an hour ago, you can't do the surgery now. You have to wait 6 more hours since it hasn't been digested very well. We are going to take you to the room you will be staying in overnight and you will be waiting there. Sorry about that.”

I was actually really mad because I finally just wanted to get it over with and leave the hospital soon.

After what was probably the longest 6 hours of my life, we finally went to the surgery room. I just started to get a little scared, but not as much as I used to be. I gave my mom a big hug and she said, “ Be brave. Don't be scared.” I nodded and gave her another hug.

I was finally taken to the room and the surgeons tried to comfort me. They took me off the bed that I was in forever, and put me on this other bed with non linen on it. Before they started, they put this sleeping thing through the IV so I would be able to feel anything while they were cutting my stomach open. They told me that it will feel like a minute to me but an hour and half to them, which was true, even though I had no idea even when they put it in.

When I woke up, I found myself in this huge room but surrounded with curtains which made the area look super small. There was a nurse doing things on the computer. Right when she saw me wake up, she stopped everything and the first thing she asked me was, “On a scale of one to ten, how do you feel? One being no pain at all and then being the worst pain you have ever felt.”

“Uhhhhhhhhhh,5. It still kind of hurts.”
“Ok. You look thirsty. Do want water?”
“Yes please. I haven't drunken anything all day.”
“ Well, I can't give you water yet, but I can give you ice.”
“Anything please, it is still a form of water.”

She gave me a whole spoonful of ice which felt so refreshing.

I stayed in the recovery room for another half an hour and I finally left to go to my room.

Once we got out, I saw my parents waiting outside while my little brother was doing his homework. I was so happy to see them again. My parents and my brother got up and started to walk with me to the room.

The first thing I did when I got settled in was turn on the TV and start watching nonstop while my brother was doing his homework, my dad was doing his work, and my mom would be on her phone or sleeping.

I was just glad I got the surgery over with ,I would be in the hospital for two more days, and would be out of the hospital and in my cozy home. I just couldn't believe that all this stuff happened in one day.

The author's comments:

I worked really hard on this piece. While there may have been some mishaps along the way, I still enjoyed writing and I hope anybody who reads it enjoys it too. I just want want people to know how I felt and all the challenges that I faced through

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