Be Patient

November 13, 2016
By Anonymous

When I was younger I learned a life lesson that I will forever treasure. I was so eager and impatient. Even though I was really young I still learned something from this experience. My parents have told me this story many times. I will forever remember this and try to apply what I learned to my life. This incident that happened to me was very scary, nerve-wracking, and crazy but it taught me something very important in life.

It was a couple days before Christmas and all of our decorations were up. I was one year old and I already knew that I was going to get presents in my stocking. My parents were in the kitchen making lunch while I was playing in the living room. I wasn’t even two feet tall and I could not reach the top of my stocking. I wanted to know what was in my stocking.

I was so excited and I was hoping that there were presents in my stocking. Our stockings were held up by big heavy weights that spelled “Noel”. I always got to put my stocking on the “E” holder. I decided to pull down on my stocking because I wanted to see what was in it. That didn't go too well. The 6 pound stocking holder fell right onto my head. I also found out that there was nothing in my stocking.

Blood was gushing out of my head and down my face like a waterfall. I made a high pitch scream that echoed as it went throughout the house. My Mom yelled at my Dad to call 911 as she was grabbing a towel to put on my face. My sister was playing with me and when she saw the blood running down my face she yelled “I don't like her face” and she started to cry. I thought to myself why is she the one who’s crying while I’m over here with a gash in my head?

When the firemen walked in my house I stopped screaming and it fell dead silent. They were able to help me and one of the firemen suggested to my Mom that she should take down the other stockings and their holders. While my parents were taking me to the hospital my grandparents came and picked up my sister. When we got to the hospital they gave me five stitches. I don’t remember it that well but I'm pretty sure I was screaming the whole time.

The life lesson that I learned from this scary, nerve-wracking, and crazy experience was to be patient in times that I'm really excited and eager. If I am really impatient and excited things might not go how I expected them to go. We shouldn't get too excited before it really happens because it might not go as we planned. It’s okay to get excited about things but we shouldn't do something in advance to make it happen quicker. I should've just waited until Christmas to look in my stocking. Although I was very young and I probably didn't know better I still learned that I need to be patient.

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