Quarterbacking a Career

November 13, 2016
By Anonymous

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to get better at something. This football season I was not able to play quarterback because I was needed other positions. I had to play a plethora of positions from tightend to safety. Not being able to play quarterback was frustrating at times and, I did not want to play all the different positions.

The season had started and we only had twenty players on our team. This meant almost everyone had to play multiple positions. I had to play fullback; I wasn’t happy about not being able to start the season at quarterback. On defense I got to play defensive end. I had been playing D-end for multiple years so I was glad I could continue to play it this season.

The first few games were over. We had gotten one win, but had lost two times. We were getting ready for our next string of games, and coach moved me to tight-end. I was still sad that I wasn’t even given a shot at playing quarterback. We had lots of injuries and multiple were season ending. Because of this on defense I had to play cornerback. I was excited about this because I got to play pass defense on some of the best receivers in the league. In the next few weeks I got multiple interceptions and had a few touchdowns. We had three wins and three losses going into the last two weeks.

I was going to be playing running back and linebacker in the last to games. It put a lot of pressure on me to perform well, but I knew I could do it. I had never started a game at running back, but I had played it before when people were injured or needed a break. I was ready to dominate in the next game. After the second to last game, I had 4 touchdowns 3 interceptions and a lot of tackles. It had been a good season whether I got to play quarterback or not. You might be wondering why I am telling you this before the last game and that is because we got crushed and nothing too amazing happened.

Even though I was not able to play quarterback I had one of my best seasons and dominated most of the games. Having to play every position was a blessing in disguise because I gained an edge on most players my age and gave me a better chance of playing on a high school team because of it. This story shows that sometimes you have to sacrifice what you want now in order to help yourself in the long run.

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