Gender Stereotypes

November 11, 2016
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Gender stereotypes, a topic that surrounds you and me daily, but never does find solutions. The definition of stereotype is, “To believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same.” When you are categorized under a label or general idea that you are not good enough because of your sex it can feel downgrading and discriminate. While there are easy oblivious solutions to this problem, for example not stereotyping people because of their sex.

It still seems that for some reason this problem has not evolved into something better over the last 30 years. While our country is rapidly evolving into a technology world, it has opened more gender-based stereotypes. Some examples include how women are always on social media and care about their appearance while men only care about video games or the upcoming football game. This mindset that we have developed is not okay. I cannot speak for the world but from my perspective, this is a problem.

I am actively involved with sports, school, and friends. So when I hear a gender stereotype I have become so used to the subject. Some ways that I hear gender stereotypes is when coach think boys are stronger and faster than girls. That is a stereotype that gets on my nerves. The idea that girls are not as strong or as fast as boys is disgusting to me. While I could complain about all the gender stereotypes I am going to use my writing to inform people of the problem.

Now that you have an idea of what a gender stereotype is, I should probably talk about  solutions to the problem. The first thing that could make a difference is just simply not stereotyping. While this might seem like an obvious solution if everyone was just aware of what they were saying it could overall fix the whole problem. Next thing doesn't assume. From the day we are born is the start of a stereotyped world.  If your girl your room is pink with butterflies and dolls, while when you're a male you have a blue room filled with trains and dinosaurs. This relates back to my point of don’t assume. Don’t assume just because he was born as a boy he will  love football, and be addicted to video games. The point that I am trying to accentuate is you don’t know how strong a person is, or what their hobbies will be till you know them. Although this address only a few of the issues stereotyping cause, I hope that you will think and be aware before you assume and stereotype.

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