The Dew

November 11, 2016
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The dew, not the carbonated soda, but the wet damp haze in the morning.  I think everybody has some sort of feeling toward it whether or not it is good or bad. I have multiple experiences with dew, as it is a recurring weather pattern with in my life.


The dew makes me think of early fall: school has started, the leaves are not yet fully changed,  and  everyone struggles to get up now that you have to bend down to the whip of  school.   I get up frustrated, knowing what’s ahead. I take a brisk warm shower, dry off and put fresh clothes on. I soon grab my keys and stumble my way down the stairs. I hug my mother goodbye, and I walk out the door. I'm met by the cold damp haze known as dew as it covers the grass and my car,the haze reaching my ankles. I make my way to the car, lugging my backpack into the black interior. Then I  pull away down the slightly wet road, chugging onward to school.

The dew still makes me think of fall, but this time a different point in time. It's early, too early for me to function. I'm awoken by my father pushing me to wake up. I struggle, but I finally open my eyes as I am confronted with a blurry vision of my father. I can’t see him, but I know he is smiling. I'm reminded that I have a football game. I crawl out of bed put on a t-shirt and slip on my pants, the pants with pads. I slowly make the descent down the stairs to eat some mediocre breakfast, even though I  did not want any. I climb into my father's car to drive to the field.

As we pull out, I'm met by haze, yet again the damp haze known as dew. I see this scenery all the way there, all the way until we arrive on the field. ut now I feel the cool wet surface of the grass with the dew above my ankles. s I start my tiring warm-ups, I’m met by the other players, my teammates. We start the general small talk such as “It’s kinda cold out”, “How was your Friday?”, “You excited for the game?” Then the other team shows the haze is still there, still very present, as they walk through it. The refs call the captains over to them for the coin toss , then they line us up and check to see if we all have legal cleats or if we are wearing anything dangly. Then both teams line up on their separate sides. The haze begins to fade, as does the grogginess that we all felt that morning, and the game begins with the whistle.

The dew resides in everyone. It may not take its physical form, but all around the world there is something like the dew.

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