A Piece of Bread

November 9, 2016
By darkraimaster BRONZE, Cupertino, California
darkraimaster BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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“Well, can’t function on an empty stomach.” I said to myself as I grabbed a piece of sourdough bread out of the refrigerator. I looked at the time, it was eight sharp. “Okay if I take a ten minute break, I can go on reddit for a little while my food cooks and still have enough time to finish my story.” I put the single piece of sourdough bread in and after a multitude of beeps and button pressing, I finally was able to set the oven the perfect temperature. I skipped off to the study room to start my well-earned reddit break.

“Adam your food’s burning! Quickly turn it off!” My Dad shouted. “Oh my God” I exclaimed as I ran over to the oven. As I opened the oven door, a gulf of black smoke engulfed me. I broke out into a fit of coughs and gasps.


“Where’s the oven mitts!” I shouted. “It’s in the washing machine” my mom replied. I ran over to the washing machine and tried to yank the door open but it was in the middle of a wash cycle so I instead brought one of the towels lying on the ground. I darted through the hall and wrapped the towel around the glass pyrex tray the scorched piece of bread was laying on.

Beep Beep Beep! The smoke alarm went off and was echoing ear-piercing shrieks through the house. I let out a huge sigh and ran  through the house opening each window I came across. Issra came barreling down the stairs, coughing along the way. “Adam what did you do” she shouted. She ran off to open even more windows. When she came back she told me to take the glass tray off the oven door. I grabbed the towel wrapped glass and slowly maneuvered my way over to the sink. “No don’t put in the sink! Put it on the placemats!” Issra shouted. I replied with a simple “fine.” I opened a cabnet and placed the glass tray on the pile of plastic placemats.

“Adam what did you do” my sister asked. “ I put it on the placemats like you asked me to! What? What’s wrong” I asked. She pointed to the placemat which was beginning to shrivel up and become stuck to the ones underneath it, it was melting.

“Oh my God!” I shouted in shock and disbelief. I pulled off the glass plate and put it on the marble counter and quickly tried to separate the two stuck placemats. As soon as I separated them I grabbed the glass tray and almost tossed it into the sink. I kicked the cabinet behind me closed and jolted my hand making freezing cold water crash down onto the still burning glass tray.

CRACK! The glass tray shattered and laid at the bottom of the sink in dozens of pieces. I let out an enormous sigh and reached into the sink trying to grab some pieces and start cleaning up. I picked up about three pieces before I reached down and cut my hand on a shard of glass. I yelped in pain and told myself, “Adam you're having a really bad day, you’re going to sleep, and tomorrow you’ll clean up the glass because if I keep doing this you’ll mess up some more.” And with that I left leaving the kitchen half destroyed, and to think, it only took three minutes to cause this much destruction.

The author's comments:

I am a 7th grade student and the night this happened I was trying to come up with a story idea for my language arts class. I started to slack and diverging off my actual work so I took a break and left a piece of bread in the oven on broil, and forgot about it. The story is about the result of that mistake.

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