The Fall

November 9, 2016
By , cup, CA

It was another one of those gloomy summer days, I was lying on the bed having nothing to do, oh my god I thought to myself it had only been 2 weeks into summer and I was already bored. I had to do something  about that. I walked into the hallway to grab some breakfast I spotted my dad who was sitting on the brown leather couch. “Hey,” my dad said.

“Hi,” I replied.
“I am kind of bored, what should I do?” I asked.
“Why don’t you call your friends over?” questioned my dad.
“Already tried” I replied
“Well, what did they say,” my dad asked.
“Nobody is at home right now,” I said.
“Oh okay, I wish I could take you out but I have too much work, but maybe you can ask your brother to take you out,” my dad said.

I looked at my dad there was awkward silence for a few seconds. “Did you just say ask your brother?” I said while glaring at my dad.

“Yes…” he said in an awkward way.

My brother was the last person I should ask anytime I ask him to do something with he is always to “busy” or he is studying, or even better he would rather be on facebook then to hang out with me. Plus he is barely here anyways half the time he is away at UC Berkeley.

“I would rather be bored,” I said to my dad while walking way

“Wait,you could go to the park with your grandparents” my dad quickly suggested.

“You could have just told me that before” I exclaimed.

“Oops...” my dad said.

I walked into the kitchen to find my grandma “Can I come to the park” I asked. She nodded her head.

“Can I bring my bike” I added on.

“Yes,just hurry up,” my grandma said.

I quickly took my bike put on my helmet and followed my grandparents to the park. As soon as we got there we saw my aunt and her and my grandma started walking. I put down my helmet and bike and went straight to the swing till I felt bored. Then I had a fantastic idea. I grabbed my bike and strung on my helmet. I spotted my aunt and my grandparents walking, I hopped on my bike I have to catch up to them I thought to myself. I started pedaling trying to go really fast, I started to accelerate at one point. I knew I was going too fast and I knew that I should stop but I kept on going. I slowly lifted my hands off my bike, I was going too fast and I tried to push the brake I started to get really wobbly and then it stopped. Oh no what should I do now, I stretched my hand to reach for the brake, I missed.  I rolled on top of my head and landed face down. Tears slowly started to trickle down my face, It felt like the whole world stopped for a second, a sharp pain spread throughout my whole body. It felt like I was lying there forever now feeling like all the blood in my body had gushed out.  I slowly  lifted my head up, I felt very dizzy. I saw the thousands of eyes glaring at me but I was into much pain to do anything. I got up and sat down I could see my grandpa walking towards me. When he came to me he helps me stand my aunt and my grandma picked up my bike. I walked towards a bench the first step I took felt like the last step I would ever take. I got to the bench with pain all throughout my body. “Oh god, are you ok” my grandpa exclaimed.

I just sat there in a silence. Every muscle in my body refused to move,“No” I answered.

“I was going too fast to try to catch up to you guys and before I know it I fell” I added on.

Perfect day to wear shorts. I slowly looked down hoping nothing much happened to my legs. I almost fainted when I saw my knee it was blown up there was blood gushing everywhere on my knee and it was scratched really bad, I had a look at my elbows not feeling so good about it. They were scratched up with blood all around them. My body started stinging in awful pain. I heard my aunt call my parents. After 5 mins of waiting my mom reached the park, she rushed towards me. “Are you okay’’, my mom asked as she looked down at my knees.

“Not really,” I said.

“Well let's go home and then we will cover up your wounds” I could tell my mom was trying to make me feel better but at that time it didn’t really work. My mom helped me stand up my grandparents took my bike and headed to the car.  “Ouch,” I exclaimed.

“It's ok your almost there,” my mom said. I kept walking, the pain aggravating throughout my whole body. We finally reached the car, I sat down on the warm seat. My head was hurting, and there was a sharp pain throughout my whole body, the only thing I wanted to do at this point was to fall asleep on my warm, cozy bed. We got home in about 2 mins, my mom got out and opened the door for me as my grandparents got my bike. I stood up and tried to take a step. I couldn’t my body just stopped the pain had gone too far. “ I can’t” I exclaimed.

“It’s okay I will ask your dad to help you,” my mom said.

My dad carried me to the house he put me down on the sofa. My mom brought out the first aid kit, she put medicine on my leg and my elbows and that stung a lot. Then she bandaged up my leg. I fell asleep right after my mom left when I woke up there was the smell, the aroma was worth dying for. It hurt a lot when I was walking but I couldn’t help it. I started limping towards the kitchen when I saw my mom with her apron on which my brother had made for her years ago. I looked around for a while that’s when I saw my mom pull out a tray of her fresh chocolate chip muffins. Suddenly, my mouth started watering, my mom’s muffins were the best thing in the whole world and probably the only thing that could make me feel any better. I limped up to my mom “Can I have one” I asked her.

“Of course honey” she replied. She handed me the muffin I sniffed it then I took a bite it was the best taste ever.

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