Cops on the Loose

November 9, 2016
By Prathmesh BRONZE, CUPERTINO, California
Prathmesh BRONZE, CUPERTINO, California
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It was summer of 2016. We were bored as we could be, having a headache every hot, sweaty second. Every day, I would ask Mom what we should do. And the same response had come for the past few years. “Check in the garage.” We gave up on that long time back, since we knew there was absolutely nothing there, passing through spider webs and dust. We would go out at our friend's house once in a while, playing video games for the entire day. The main reason I actually wanted to go there was because they had an air condition.

We didn't do anything new. We didn't even go for a short vacation trip. We didn’t go to anyone's house. One day, we heard a sound we hadn't heard in a few weeks…”ding dong.” It was the bell. It was actually the bell. I ran as fast I could checking who it would be

“Who is it.” as I yelled at the door.” Those were my friends that lived close to me. I couldn't wait to play with them. It was like I was dreaming, with a pink fluffy unicorn. I couldn't believe my ears! I was so happy, I didn't even say goodby to my mother, which was the first and last time I would do that. It was late at night when I got home, about eight o-clock. I could already see my parents waiting for me from the window.

We didn't talk ,the entire evening, even for dinner. You know something bad happened when we don't talk at the dinner table. I was too scared to even apologize. They next morning was hotter than an oven stove. Since the air conditioner wasn't working, we had to call the A.C person who fixes it. My parents didn't want my brother and I to stay in the house, so we decided to go to our friends house, again. It was a pretty cool day, so we decided to play in the morning breeze, for once.

“You want to go to the park?” Ayush asked.
“Yeah, lets go, its better than doing whatever we’re doing now.” Greyson continued

I went back home to ask my mom, not making the same mistake again. My mom was ok with it, as long as we came come home 30 minutes before dinner. We headed out. Ayush was on his scooter, greyson was on his bike, my brother was on an electric scooter, and I was on a penny board. We were just around the corner of the park, but Ayush stopped us. He came up with a brilliant idea… ding dong ditch. If you don't know what “ding dong ditching” is, let me explain. You first pick any house you want, with a group. One person goes up to the house, and starts to bang the door, hard.“ And that is exactly what Ayush did.

It was like an action movie, running from the explosion. We were going so fast that we almost ran into a parked car. There was an obese lady, that was the neighbor of the house we ding dong ditched.

“You don't do that in our neighborhood, you hear me. Should I call the cops on you?” I was about to poop my pants. I wanted to run, and not get in such trouble. Ayushi apologized and said he would never do it again. We sprinted back home, not telling anyone about the matter. Oh, and we did come back home before dinner. The very next day, Ayush and Greyson called us to go to the park again. So, why not, as long as we didn't ding dong ditch again, I was fine with going with them.

“Should we ding dong ditch again”, Greyson said eagerly.
“No, you can, we aren’t part of this anymore,” all three of us concluded. Since he didn't want to be the only one in trouble, he didn't do it. It was about seven o'clock, and we remembered we had to go home. On the way back, we looked at the obese lady's house

“Screw it, I'm doing it.” Ayush said fiercely
I was about to sprint the 100 meter as fast as Usain Bolt. I could see Ayush running behind me, and that when I knew he did it. I couldn’t see My brother priyansh or greyson. Me and Ayush turned the corner and looked back to see where there are. I could see Greyson and Priyansh crying. I could tell the lady was calling the cops on us. No not Priyansh and Greyson, but on Ayush and I. I could see them pointing to us, but couldn't tell why. They came back running, as we could see the lady with her phone.

“Why did you snitch on us,” I told them. They told us they didn’t. We asked them why they were pointing at us. The told us that the lady was asking where we lived.

“And you told her!” Ayush was mad

“No we didn't, we told her the wrong house.” replied Priyansh. We ran to our other friends house, Tyler, and told him the entire situation. He wanted to talk with the lady, alone, so we let him, while I was thinking about the outcome. “What if mom and dad got to know about this?” My heart dropped, just thinking about the situation. We couldn't hear anything he said to the lady, but all four of us noticed that she put her phone down. We were relieved. Tyler told us that the matter was fixed and she wouldn’t call the cops. As we went home, we could see a sheriff going to the direction of the house, Priyansh told the lady we lived at. We all laughed in relief and went home, before dinner!

The author's comments:

This for me is a lesson learned. Now I know to ever go beyond the limits.

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