Angel Trouble

November 9, 2016
By Taras14 BRONZE, Cupertino, California
Taras14 BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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It was November 17 2014, 6:54 pm, the sky was cloudy and the wind salty. I was sitting on the worn out seats of the beat down bus, with one of my best friend Alexis. We had just finished our big dinner right before we headed on the bus, so we felt pretty nauseous. We had finally reached our destination, science camp.  This would be the first vacation anyone of us had taken without our parents, we were bouncing up, down, and around because of excitement.

We got off the bus and the teachers had just told us our cabin group which was Ashlynn, Alexis, and Karina. Ashlynn had rectangle glasses, with curly hair, and bright yellow braces. Alexis was very tall with her hair always in a braid, and Karina was the same height as me extremely curly hair. Karina always seemed to walk on her toes.... it was really annoying.

Anyway we headed to our cabin and unpacked, I was so excited I jumped from one bed to the other bed (the bed was on the way other side of the room). After we unpacked we just picked our beds, and decided which one of us had to sleep next to the spooky mirror. It had a long white/smoky color, with a wooden angel at the top. The paint on the angel’s face was almost gone and you could see the wood on the  angel’s face from under the paint. I curiously touched it with one finger and the head of the angel just tumbled right to the floor. Thankfully, since we had carpet, nobody in the room heard. I quickly picked the head up and put it in my jacket pocket, my right hand clutched the angel head to make sure it wouldn’t fall out. I didn’t know what to do, if I told the science camp leaders what happened I would probably get in serious trouble. But if I didn’t tell anybody and, hid the head in the closet maybe I would be “ok…...” The answer was clear I was going to hide an angel head in the cabinet drawer. I could feel my face going hot and my stomach started to feel like I had just got off a roller coaster, after eating the world's biggest hot dog. I couldn’t hide the angel head in the closet now  the girls were talking on the bed right next to it.

“Hey, what are you doing over there,” Alexis called out.

“Yeah what are you doing over there” Ashlynn said. I paused for a moment, contemplating how to look “not-guilty.” I suddenly jerked around with a believable (yet suspicious) smile on my face.

“We did rock paper scissors to see who would have to sleep next to the mirror and, I won against both of them. Which means I’m playing you.” Karina said. I walked over there reluctantly with my hand still clutching the head. I slowly pulled my hand from out of my pocket, I flattened one hand and put my fist on the palm. We bounced our fist on our palm three times, and we shot out our hands. My hand in the shape of a fist (paper) uncoiled, because Karina’s hand in a flat shape (rock) lost.

“YES!!!!” I yelled. Something good finally happened today.

“Hello are you guys doing ok?’ I thought I heard someone yell.” a leader on the other side of the door said.

Karina quickly opened the door so she could come in.

“Yes everything is fine, we were just playing rock, paper, scissors.”

“Ok, but it’s 9:45 in fifteen minutes it’s lights out!” Just at that moment I came up with a plan, I would tell Alexis that I broke the angle head and I needed help. I know I can trust her because she has been my best friend since kindergarten, and she wouldn’t just go tell on me. Hopefully this plan works I hoped, while pulling the big white comforter over my head.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp,” it’s was 5:30am and those chirps weren’t birds they were, crickets! “ Wake up,” I whispered to Alexis whose bed was right next to mine.

“Yes?” she said,

“ I need your help!” SUddenly she got up and asked

“FOR WHAT?” I slowly explained what went down and what the plan was. I was already a bit nervous, what if this doesn’t work, what if we get caught, what if……. But, I knew I could trust Alexis and she knew she could trust me. After breakfast the plan was a go, we were supposed to slip into the art room and casually, slip some glue into my pocket. The problem was we weren’t allowed in the art room without a leader and it would be hard to steal the glue with a leader staring at you. So we would have to sneak into the art room.

“Come on, MOVE MOVE MOVE,” I whispered to Alexis while we were walking up the wooden steps of the art room.

“When I open the door you run in and grab the glue, I will wait here,” Alexis said. I could see the bottle of liquid glue on the wooden table covered in glitter and yarn.

“Ready set, GO!” said Alexis

I ran into the room grabbed the glue, with my sweaty hand and jammed it into my cout pocket. Alexis quickly closed the door right as I was coming out and for a second we just stopped and stared. It was very odd but it felt like we were staring at the ground forever.

“ Come on come on we need to go NOW, before someone catches us.” I said

“Ok let's go,” we walked back into the mess hall and back into our cold seats.”
“Where were you?”  Ashlynn said

“ The bathroom,”  Alexis quickly fired back. After breakfast Alexis and I went back into our room to glue on the angel head. We walked into the room and I went into the bathroom cabinet where I had hid the angel head, and brought it to the mirror. Suddenly I heard a knock and  the door opening.

“Hi….. wait what happened” the leader said as she pointed at the mirror.

“Are you ok? Did it break” Skylar the leader said

“ yeah I broke it, it was an accident, I just touched it yesterday and it just fell off!”

“Oh, that old thing we were going to throw it out as soon as you left, students kept complaining about how it was creepy. Plus, it was very old” Skylar said

“Really, I thought I was gonna get in serious trouble for doing that, I even went into the art room to get glue and glue it back home.” I said.

“ If you just told us you wouldn’t have gotten in trouble, next time something like this happened please tell us or any adult.” Skylar said.

“ok I promise I will,” I said.  After that happened a bunch of leaders came in and took the mirror. When the mirror was gone I felt so much better.

“Ch,ch,ch,ch,” the bus churned as we left Science camp

“ I will never forget this,” I whispered to myself.

The author's comments:

My piece is a story about my wild experience in scence camp! :)

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