Friends Always Betray You Eventually...

November 9, 2016

“Hey, can I play with you guys?” asked this one kid who came up to us

“Sure, let’s see what you got.” I responded

I handed him the basketball and he shot the ball with a beautiful shooting form, that arched way up and swished down smoothly.
“Okay, you’re good!”
“What’s your name?”
“Well nice to meet you Calvin.”

Calvin started to become a regular at the basketball courts and was a favored top pick. He was a very classic American boy. Blonde hair, was adored by many girls, had the looks, good at basketball, was pretty nice. He was the whole package. Overtime me and Calvin became really good friends and we always sat at lunch together and laughed and chatted. We became very attached, often being on the same team and being well on each other. One day, Calvin and me were on separate teams and I stole the ball from him and ran down the court and got a layup. When we sat together in lunch, he tensed up on me and was obviously upset that I stole it from him.

“How could you betray me like that!”

The next day, he felt fine and things went back to normal. But for a few days I always lingered on the word he told me:
Was he trying to play the victim? Am I really that mean? What’s wrong with me? Or is it him who is over exaggerating? Did I really… betray him for just stealing the ball?



Oh yes! Finally! I could escape the math lecture we were having in Room 17 and actually have some fun in the summer heat! This was my favorite part of the day Lunchtime, after spring testing, with all my friends. I snagged a basketball from the ball bin and hopped onto the basketball courts and got ready for another basketball game. We made teams and me and Calvin were on different teams. I dribbled up the court and drove right by everybody with my speed and quickly side-stepped another friend for the easy two. So this went on for a while and we were having fun and laughing away. Sweat started to bead down my sticky forehead as the temperature turn up to a high 90 degrees, but I was having much too fun. Calvin was too. Calvin made a nice move to the free throw line and swished it in.

“Nice shot, Calvin!”

I dribbled it up again and went straight up to Calvin and attempted to do a crossover on Calvin. He read it and swiped his quick hands and stole it from me in a matter of seconds.

“Dang it!” I yell as I clap my hands. Calvin was mad-dashing it across the floor, but I wasn’t ready to give up on the play yet. I sprinted as hard as I could to catch up to Calvin to prevent the easy layup. Calvin was about to shoot it so I jumped with my eyes closed and just swung my arm in the general direction of where I thought the ball would be. I felt my hand hit the ball right on the sweet spot and blocked it so hard it hit the backboard and made a huge thud sound.

“Oh my god he demolished him with that insane block.”

I am still in mid-air and I open my eyes to see Calvin pushes me. Hard. He pushes me so hard that it flips me over and I land right on my finger. 80 pounds right on my little tiny finger.

“Hissssssssss” I hiss out from the pain. I expected a really bad finger jam. But what I see is the most gory finger “thing” I have ever seen.

“Calvin! What the actual hell was that! Why!” I yell out in rage. When I am mad my profanity gets a little out of hand but I couldn’t help it.

“You can’t do that! You cheater! Your always betraying me!”
“You just snapped my finger! Look at it you monster!”
He sees it and he cringes at the sight on it.
“You deserve it! I thought you were my friend!”
“Why are you so sensitive! I am just playing the game! God!”

“I didn’t betray you! You betrayed me! For always getting mad at me for nothing! In fact I thought YOU were my friend. If you really were my friend, you would apperciate all the good plays I do on you! But nope! You just cry about it! Jesus, you know I always thought of you as my good friend but it turns out I can see the dark side of you. I hope you go away!”

The look on his face says it all. That I am right and he is wrong. His face twisted into this horrible expression of absolute loathing of me. But I didn’t care. I exposed his dark side of him and thats what mattered to me.

As I am about to run to the office in absolute pain and I yell one thing back at him:


I look back and see the look of guilt and anger in one. But I can’t see him no longer, because my eyes are tearing up from losing him. Losing a really good friend. Who betrayed me.

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