It's Time for a Robbery

November 9, 2016
By Anonymous

I saw my parents waiting for me outside the bus. Then, my teacher told everybody to “go outside, find your parents, and get your luggage.” I wished that science camp was longer, I thought, although I did miss my parents. When I got out of the bus, I see that my parents already got my luggage and were waiting for me. So then we went back home and I was telling my parents everything we did in science camp.

We then came inside our house and go near the store room. Then I see a bunch of jewelry boxes outside in there. So I go ask my Mom “ why are there so many jewelry boxes in the floor?” Weren’t they in your room before? Then Mom and Dad go inside and they see our door broken and kept slanted on the table. I could see that they are nervous and frightened. Then my Dad says, “ we got robbed.”

After that they both hurry to go check the other rooms. They didn’t come inside my room or the guest room but they did come inside my parent’s room. Then we went inside and saw that all the suitcases are open and the clothes are all in the floor. My mom began to panic. She had left her chain in the bathroom and forgot to wear it.

Then my Dad yelled, “Why would you leave the jewelry in the bathroom?!”

“I had to pick up Shreya on time!” she answered.  She quickly went inside to check if it was there, but just as she thought, they stole it. Then we come to the living room and see that our laptops and ipad is still in the house lying in the same place. I guess they never tried to get any of the electronics, they only wanted the gold and silver we had.

My Dad tells my Mom and I to go outside so that he could check if somebody is still in the house. Then we go outside and my dad sees somebody running with a big bag to a car. My Dad immediately calls the police and they arrive in a couple of minutes. Then they asked my parents “if they know what got stolen.” So then they say that some of my Mom’s jewelry got stolen. They start to search for fingerprints with black powder and a brush in all of the handles in the door. After that they found a couple of fingerprints but most of them were mine, my dad’s, or mom’s but there was one fingerprint that wasn’t ours.

After two days the police called and said that “they had found the thief with the fingerprint”.  They also said “ that he stole from many houses and they arrested him but he never told where the stolen items are. We never got the stolen items back from him but atleast they arrested them, I thought. After that we go and call our relatives to inform them.

The author's comments:

This piece was a true story, Also this was a really serios event that happened to me and my family, and that was what inspired me to write this piece.

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