Crashing My Bike

November 9, 2016
By Huang_kyle BRONZE, CUPERTINO, California
Huang_kyle BRONZE, CUPERTINO, California
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I am watching YouTube in my room when my mom asked me, “Are you done with homework yet?”

“No, can you stop asking already” I yelled angrily, because that was like the fiftieth time she asked. I was watching YouTube because my mom never lets me. I also didn’t have any homework that day.

“ I think she starting to get suspicious.” I thought, “I think I should stop.” So I came out of my room and said, “I’m done. I’m going to gonna go ride my bike outside.”
         My mom said, “You need to go play piano.”
         I replied with, “But I can play piano when it is dark and you won’t let me play outside when it is dark.”
         My mom then said, “Finish piano and then you can go play outside.”

But by the time she finished her sentence; I had already opened the door and was going outside. I opened the garage with the little green button and went outside. That is when I went to the back of the garage and when to grab my new bike. I had just got a  road bike. I was a new Fuji that was red and had parts made by Oval. The bike was super expensive and I was given it.  I got it and dragged it out of the garage not caring what had happened to the bike. Then I rode it to the hill next to our house.

I stop at the top of the hill and thought, “ Just once and I’ll go back home.” Then, I went down the hill. I started to pedal as fast as I could and at the same time shifting to a heavier gear. I when faster and faster around the first turn on the hill then, BAM! I hit a car going around the first turn.

“Oh no!”I thought, “I am so dead, so dead. “My mom is going to kill me “no, god no.” For some reason I wasn’t crying, I don’t know why but I wasn’t.  I am always crying even for the littlest things. That is when I looked at my bike and then I started to cry. The driver of the car came out and said, “Go sit on the curve while I go call your mom.

After a while my mom came and said, “Look at the bike,” she continued, “it is all ruined and you had just got it for you.” Then she said, “Well, let's get your bike back home and then lets solve this mess.” So we carried the bike up the hill and into your garage. The whole way home I kept crying. The adults talked and they decided to call the police. So by the time the police came I had already stopped crying. They asked me a few questions and I answered while he wrote some stuff down. Then he asked my mom, “Do we need to call the ambulance?”

“NO” my mom replied, “I can take him to urgent care.” so I went inside to drink some water to calm down because I was still freaking out. My right thigh was hurting a lot at this point. So my mom came inside and said annoyingly, “Let's go.” Then we went into the garage and drove to urgent care. The whole way there, nobody talked. I was starting to feel tension between us right now.

When we got there, we checked in on a piece of paper, and then sat there for about an hour waiting for them to call us. Finally my mom broke the silence between us and said, “Are you ok?” that is when I almost started to cry again. Not because my leg was hurting but because my mom finally seemed to care about me.

“Ya.” I replied. Not neither of us talked to each other again for the rest of the time waiting. 

When they finally called my name they asked me a few questions. I answered them and the person that asked me the questions started to get confused. It seemed that she didn’t understand why the police didn’t just call an ambulance because I had hit the car head first. But after some explaining she finally understands and she told us to wait in the waiting room again. So we went back into the waiting room and waited for about an hour until they called my name again.

We were about to enter the hallway when the doctor asked, “Do you want to ride wheelchair?”

“No.” I replied.

Then he said, “just ride it, it is okay. Plus this is probably the only time you would get to ride one.” He made a good point so I got into the wheelchair and he pushed me down the hall. The hall was super white. The walls and ceiling were white, and the floor was also white however, it was a different shade that wasn’t as bright.

We then went into a room. Inside It had this huge machine that was attached to the ceiling. It was just above a platform that looked like a bed. The doctor told me to lay on that platform and I obeyed. The he put this heavy blanket on me and I figured out what room it was. I had felt that blanket feeling at the dentist. When they take x-rays in your mouth. This is probably the x-ray room. I laid there for a few minutes, then the doctor came back in. The doctor said, “No bones were broken, it is just a bruise.” When he said that I let out a loud sigh. Yes, my streak of not breaking any bones continues.              

So then we left the room and went into another room that I have seen in the movies. It was the patient room. Inside the room there was a bed with railings, and next to the bed there was a table on one side and on the other side there was a fancy computer. The doctor told me to get into the room and lay on the bed. Then he told me to change into these other clothes. I did and then laid in the bed to wait. The whole time I no one started to say a word. But after a while, I started to cry. I just realized how lucky I was. Not just in life but to survive. I was lucky. That was when my mom sat onto the bed and started to stroke the back of my head.

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