Growing Up: A Trick or a Treat?

November 9, 2016
By Anonymous

As I sit on my bench on my front porch, I can see all of the little trick or treaters running from house to house with their friends, while their parents struggle to catch up. These kids never fail to dress to impress with their elaborate and colorful costumes that they'll probably only wear once. I wish I could wear a huge princess gown or fairy wings, but teenagers aren't supposed to wear full costumes or run around with their friends while lugging a bag or pillowcase filled to the top with every candy known to man. The kids come in groups so it takes a while before each group makes it up my steep street and then up to my hilly driveway. I was shocked to see how vast the difference between the younger and older kids was. The older kids thanked me time and time again while the little kids took their candy and ran back down my driveway. The children seem to not notice the chilly wind, as they have no complaints; they could not be happier than on Halloween.

The brisk breeze signals that November is arriving. It is not as cold as Halloween is expected to be, the kind of cold in which taking your hands out of your pockets to accept a piece of candy is painful. It is the kind of cold that calls for a jacket, but it is bearable and refreshing. The beautiful orange, yellow, and slightly brown leaves lay on the ground in front of me. Every time someone steps on one of the leaves, the leaves crunch and the sound echoes very softly throughout the neighborhood. The smell of a fireplace surronds me, warming me up, even though I can't feel it. Sitting back and watching the joyful kids run by feels like a memory more than reality. I fully remember running from house to house in the fall air, crunching leaves on the ground, and smelling fireplaces and cookies baking in ovens. Halloween is different now and so am I. As we grow older, we find things fun that are considered to be a bore for children. It is time to accept the fact that growing up is a reality; we can't get free candy forever.

The author's comments:

What began as a transcendentalist writing project for English class turned into an article that I am truly proud of. I sat outside for thirty minutes on Halloween night and observed the people, nature, and my own thoughts.

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