The First Day of School

November 9, 2016
By , Cupertino, CA

It was a good morning on the first day of school, but then again, two months had gone down the drain. Third grade was going to be harder than last year. There was nothing fun for me to do over the summer, and now I had to go to school. I was getting ready, when my mom came downstairs. For some reason, she always dressed up all fancy on the first day of school when she went to drop me. She asked me why I woke up so early. My answer was pretty obvious, because every year, I can barely sleep at night the day before the first day of school. I always spend the whole night thinking if my teacher was going to be nice or not. I still had no idea, so the suspense was real. That is why I got ready at five in the morning, watched TV for a while, and waited until finally it was time to go. As we were about to leave, my mom reminded me something. How could I forget? I left my binder in my room. I knew I was forgetting something. I quickly wrote “Arul Trivedi,” on it, put my binder in my backpack, and we finally got in the car. It felt like hours had past since I woke up. Which they did…


When we thought we were going to be so early, the car suddenly stopped right in front of the Liquor shop. I asked my mom what happened. My mom didn’t want to stay near the Liquor store for too long, so I had to run over to the gas station, and bring a bottle of gas. Of course the worst things happen to me. I woke up so early, and now the Toyota’s gas had run out. So far the day was terrible. Luckily we weren't too far from the gas station, so I ran over as quick as possible it, and got a gallon of gas. I had to run as fast as I could while holding a gallon of gasoline. I could barely carry a gallon of milk from the grocery store, so how would I carry a gallon of gas? With the pressure on me, I sprinted all the was from the gas station to the Liquor store, which was about 1,000 feet. As I got in the car, I was panting so hard. I handed the gas to my mom, and she filled the car. Not the best way to start the first day of school.

Finally, we reached school. I took a deep breath as I walked in the door. My forehead was beaded with sweat. I walked in right when the bell rang, and when I got in, all my classmates were staring at me with that look when you walk in late (which I technically wasn't). My first impressions: this was the class I wanted to be in for a year. There were three huge bags of jolly ranchers sitting on my teacher’s (Mrs. Motch) desk. I finally got to know how she looked. She was an old lady with silver hair. Usually, when I see an old teacher, they are either really grumpy, or always look really lazy. I was still staring with my mouth open at the glory of candy. My mouth was starting to water, so I stopped looking at it. Compared to everyone, I was a lot taller than them, but WAY skinnier. My nickname was Skinny T, because my initials are AT (Arul Trivedi), so my friends took my last initial, and plugged it into “Skinny.” Whatever. I for one am proud I’m not fat. Everyone was looking at me, so I grabbed a seat next to my friend Krithik, and listened to the teacher. She was talking about all the rules, and that we should follow the golden rule, and all that stuff. I tried to control myself from talking on the first day of school at least, but it was very hard. It was so tempting to just start talking and talking to Krithik. I somehow managed it for a while, but after sometime, I just went to the bathroom. Coincidentally, I met my friend Priyansh there. “Finally… Someone to talk to,” I thought. I went to the dirty stall, and as I was buttoning my jeans, and coming out, it happened. POP! I stared in horror as my button rolled out of the stall. Priyansh picked it up, and asked, “What’s this?” He started laughing. I felt so embarrassed, and as he was laughing, I told him, “Please don’t tell anyone!” I knew Priyansh for a long time, so I trusted him. Even though I trusted ONE person, I was still panicking so much. I started thinking of how I could get embarrassed as I walked back to my class, holding my pants. When I got back, I tried to make it look like I just had my hand in my pocket, but in reality, I was holding onto my pants like that. When I was getting out of my seat, I forgot about my pants, and Krithik saw a little bit of my underpants. He, like Priyansh, burst out laughing. How much worse could this day get? I wished that I could just go home. I told Krithik not to tell anybody. If there was one person I didn’t trust, it was Krithik. I tried to keep it cool for the rest is of the day, but it was very hard. We started an assignment on getting to know your classmates. We had to find people with similarities. It was pretty hard to find someone who liked the things I liked, so I just gave up. I did not play basketball at recess, which felt really weird, because I played everyday at home. I just talked with my friend Krithik (while holding onto my pants). It felt really weird having to hold onto my pants all day, but I had to, or else I would have been crying the whole day. I tried to play on the playground, and it actually worked well. My pants did not fall of! “This is a miracle,” I screamed, running around like a maniac. I raced Krithik to my class, and beat him. When I sat down, I realized that the reason my pants didn’t fall of was because I tangled my shirt in it. My shirt was in the hole of my jeans (I know that sounds unrealistic, but it happened)! Now it wasn’t tangled anymore. That was not a good sign. I frantically started to try to tangle it again, but I had no luck. Now I had to go back to holding my pants again. My teacher looked at me, and I pulled my hands away. My heart was racing. I thought of ways to convince the teacher to let me go home. Maybe I could tell the teacher that I peed my pants. That would be even more embarrassing. Finally, it was lunch time. I ate my pizza, and then I went to the playground, and sat on the bench. I was getting bored, so I decided to try and just go down the slide. Nothing could go wrong in that right? I was excited that I was finally about to do something, so I went as fast as I could. I quickly jumped on, and when I came down the slide, my pants half fell of. Everyone saw my Cherokee underwear. Now most of my friends, and people that I didn't even know burst out laughing. They were taunting me so much I started crying. For those few moments I tuned out of the world. I only caught a few third grader roasts like “dummy”, “stupid”, and “Chadis” (underwear in Hindi). “Shut up,” I yelled. Oh great. I wish had just told the teacher. Now everyone knew.

I tried to hide my face for the rest of the day. I wasn’t insulted by the roasts, I lwas just embarrassed that everyone saw my underwear. Luckily, only two other people knew in my class, and both of them were people I hung out with. They were my good friends, so I trusted them. I stared at the clock the rest of the day, just waiting until school was over. Finally, I ran to the pick-up zone, crying and hiding my face. I finally got in my car. I hid that I was crying from my mom, and just sat. My mom asked how my day went. My answer was, “Good...” When I got home, I quickly changed into my sweatpants. When I went to play outside with my friends, Priyansh had told everyone who didn’t know. I just admitted to it, and had my fun. It had been a rough day, so I deserved to get some time to play. After I came back from playing, I gave a more detailed description of how my day went to my parents. Of course, my brother started laughing, but I didn't care. For some reason though, my brother actually helped me for once! He told me that in middle school, you have to change in front of everyone, and EVERYONE sees your underwear. aI felt a little bit better about that. My parents however, were pretty mad that I didn’t tell the teacher. I knew I should have told the teacher, but I was too embarrassed. After that, I learned one lesson: TELL THE TEACHER!!!. I just went to sleep, and tried to forget about it the next day.

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