Multi-Million Dollar Essay

November 9, 2016
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 Most people with dreams never see them come true because they never put forth the effort to succeed to watch their dream come true. The dream of having a multi million dollar business is my dream and watching it come true will be the greatest achievement I could imagine.With this multi million dollar business I plan on owning one of the most known and best quality businesses there are out there or at least that we know of.

The main reason for this dream is so I can be set up for the rest of my life and not have to worry about employment or unemployment, plus I think it would be very well of me to own my own company considering the fact I like to take lead a lot so what’s better than having my own business to run. It not only secures my future but it also has many benefits to this company, with helping people out it not only helps the community unemployment rate go down.

To make sure my dream comes true and that I’m on track and focused on my life goal, the steps I need to make happen are going to school and get my degree in business so that way I can own my own building/company. Than go back to the college that I found that majors in the type of business I want to own, in order to do these things I need to make sure I have a stack of money behind me so I can pay for all the expenses, make sure I pass all my classes each quartersemester. Make sure I have a plan for when I get out of college so I’m not lost on what to do after. Find a building in the area that I want to have my company in preferably a nice well known area, make sure I have all my stuff together before I decide to make the grand opening.

Of course I will need help in order to make my dream of a multi million dollar business come true. I will need help, support and motivation from my family. I might want to venture out and talk to people who have their own companies and are well off and get advice from them, I will need help from all my professors to make sure I pass my classes and understand what I’m doing everything right. I will definitely need help to make sure I’m taking all the right classes that I need in order to be as successful as I can with this vision I have.

Making sure this vision/dream comes true I will haft to keep a very opened mind on everway I decide to go with this project. This dream of mine means the world to me because it involves my whole future and life. I’ve came to conclusion that in order to achieve all my goals I haft to stay focused in every way possible there is to stay focused. I’ve came some ways and I plan on going a lot further in my future with everything I have planned for myself.

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