Dead Body

November 8, 2016
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 It all started on saturday morning while my grandma's sister woke up to go cook, when she got out to the backyard she saw something hanging, she went to go look it was a body hanging she got scared and rush really fast to go tell everybody inside the house and my cousin  there was no way for her to bring him down because she was on the other side of the fences

While everybody was like what ? what do you mean ? she told them to go look cause she wasn’t sure who it was when they got out to the backyard it was my cousin he hung himself ,everybody got scared and started to call the cops right away ,everybody stood there and starting to burst out crying .

The cops and ambulance came and the ambulance people went to go see if he was dead or not and when they went to go check he was already dead , so they came inside the house they told my cousin that there no way for us to help cause he is already dead it was really scary to see a dead body. So they ask my cousin what his name and his birthday date , it was so sad and heart breaking cause all the sister,brother,nieces and nephews started to cry, the only reason we know was because of stress or drugs.

Couple week later we had the funeral for him it was sad to see him laying in the coffin.

It doesn’t even look like he was dead , but i knew he was already it was sad for everyone to see him dead he was a great brother,uncle,friends it suck to see them sad , funeral is the most hurted thing to go too cause you never wanted to see that person dead.

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