An Exciting and Nervous Moment

October 7, 2016

“BRAXTON!” I know what that means! Mom was calling me into the office, I didn’t think I did anything wrong so I sat there and pondered what she might want. After a bit she called me again and I started walking toward the office door, timidly, I asked, before entering, “am I in trouble?” To my relief my mom and my dad responded, “no.” As I entered my mom was holding up a new iPhone box. As I saw this box I felt my excitement building but looking back now I understand I was very nervous as well.

I was so excited since it my first phone! I wondered what I did to deserve this wonderful piece of technology. I was still sitting in the office looking at my new phone, when out of nowhere, my mom answered my earlier question. She started explaining why I earned my very own phone. Mom began with the fact I was going into middle school and that my dad had an opportunity to get me a phone on sale, which I thought was very lucky for me. One of her reasons that stood out to me was when mom talked about how much she and dad trusted me. The fact that they trusted me was very important and it had the most meaning for me. For my parents to be able to trust me with a phone was awesome! Yet, was I able to trust myself with a phone?

For the next couple of days excitement was overwhelming my nerves. However, I wasn't feeling nervous because I was so happy with this amazing gift. My next step in being responsible was to get a case to protect my phone and until it arrived I had to be overly cautious. I kept imagining that I was going to drop it but at the same time I was picturing how I would now be able to communicate with all of my friends without having to borrow my mom’s phone. I should have paid more attention to my nerves.  It was my first time carrying something so valuable and I dropped it!  Lucky for me, it landed right where there was grass and didn’t break or even crack.  That’s when my nerves started to flow.

Receiving this phone gave me responsibility and helped me learn to take care of my things even better. I learned to think ahead about what could happen if I wasn’t responsible.  Getting this phone was very enlightening for many reasons.  One reason being I was now able to do more things and be farther away from home for longer periods of time, yet just a phone call or text away. This was a privilege for me to have a phone at such a young age, since my mom had always told me, “you might get a phone when you are 16 and have a job to pay for it.”

Altogether, I have had my phone for two years and I’ve yet to lose it or break it.  I take good care of my phone and my parents have gained more trust in me as well. I have also gained trust in myself and my abilities to be responsible in taking care of my valuable possessions. The first time owning something valuable can be very nerve wracking but the lesson it teaches is equally valuable and important. This lesson is called responsibility.

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