11.22 AM

October 7, 2016

You know that feeling you get when you're lying in bed on a Sunday and you're wondering whether you should get up or not, whether it's just better to stay under the sheets?

Yeah, I get that a lot.

It's not that I don't like other people, or that I'm a "loner". It's that I don't mind my own company - I don't mind sitting alone at lunch, and I don't mind if I'm all by myself on the couch when there's nobody home. I don't mind being alone at all.

It's just that when my friends post pictures of themselves and their friends hanging out or when I look over and see the other kids haveing food fights at their tables do I realize; while I don't mind being alone, I do mind being lonely.

I look at my phone- Unread texts: 0, missed calls: 0.


Hmm, maybe is shouldn't get out of bed after all.

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