October 6, 2016
By Anonymous

We do not have a word for the opposite of black and white. Black may be the opposite of white and white is the definite opposite of black, but what is remote to them? Often we go between what is obvious, what is black. We avoid the exact issue, what is white. What may be in that nameless cloud of grey is black and white together, but it is neither the same nor the opposite. We do not have a word for the opposite of being perfect, or honest, or the ultimate figure in society because what would be the definite word to define strange arranges of people and words and ideas? And wow… being faultless and flawless is black and white, but being unique is an extravagant idea in which we are scared to encounter. We are human; we are the fault in the opposite of black and white. We are neither dull nor concrete. We are grown from this earth, in the rainbows of our pasts and futures, rather than those made from the factories without a blemish. These magical lines of color we call our life we do not have a word for. We begin in the beginnings of the next page, the next chapter. Everyday we see what is black, what is white, and the humans in their own color, but we do not erase what has been authored on the page before. We construct and write what we see, smell, hear, touch, taste and love in the present and the days and months and years to come after that. We have a feeling of falling, the kind of sensation you get in your dreams. We fall in love, in delight, in the light. United as one human, one team, one family, school or nation we fit like puzzle pieces to a perfect picture because we are odd. This creation is not even, but we seem to seek out the answers to each other in the singularity of our curiosity. Attracted to the billions of colors and names in the misted rainbow we see through the window of life, black and white does not define us. Black and white does not have an opposite, rather a competition in the stance of the battle of life.

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