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October 6, 2016

Is it just me or is being a teen really depressing?

I mean , how cliche do I sound right now?

But hear me out. Teenage is that awkward in-between phase in your life when you're not a kid but you're not an adult either. You're just....there. And truth be told, the most depressing part of being a teenager is that you're looking back on the days that were rather than the days that are going to be. You would rather be out playing with your friends or drowning out the world while watching cartoons, instead of sitting on a couch in a party filled with people you don't know who are too busy trying to get drunk or take selfies to post than have an actual conversation.

is it just me or does being a teenager means being a pessimist? It's probably just me.

But I really do miss the old days.

I miss taking pictures that you had to gout and wait for an hour to get printed or waking up Saturday afternoons just to see cartoons or going outside every evening without any plans but just the ardent desire to see your friends. you know we used to play like there was never going to be a tomorrow, like all we had today.

but nowadays all we do is pine after a tomorrow, throwing away the gift of today.

Is it just me or is the past always better? 'Cause it the past; you can airbrush all the rough edges, repress all the bad memories and remember only the glory days.

And you polish and polish those golden days until they're all that keeps you warm some nights.

Until they're all that keeps you going.

Is it just me or is being a teenager really depressing?

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