October 5, 2016
By Anonymous

Everything was blurry, people running and screaming, not moving. I think I was lying on something moving like a bed. I only saw people talking and crying; nothing was clear. I felt a ringing in my ears, I felt pain in all my body, and my head was spinning. Nothing was clear in my mind as a great burst of lights and noises rushed in my mind.
After reaching a white room with other people wearing white clothes, one of them approached with something that seemed like a stick. After that it was only darkness.

When I was able to open my eyes, I had to close them again because the light was so intense.

I was still groggy and didn't know where I was. After I got used to the the light, I realized I was in a white, very well decorated room. I was lying on a bed and noticed something on my wrist, something like a needle through my skin, and the needle was connected to a bag full of something white.

My ears were still ringing, and my head still hurt me. Images passed through my mind, though blurred. The images passed like a rush, making me shake my head to make them disappear. But even with the blurred images, I could remember: some friends and I were going home from a dinner at a house of another friend. As we were going to pass our car, another car passed, and I ended up here.

The author's comments:

My inspiration was a car crash when I was in Mexico. The car crash passed in front of us when we were going back home.

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