The Darkest Friday

October 5, 2016
By BrittonW BRONZE, Alvord, Texas
BrittonW BRONZE, Alvord, Texas
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The sun had fallen six and a half hours ago as a blanket of pitch black would hold for the rest of the night. I thought we were free from trouble, but now I knew, at 2 a.m. on that Friday in July. We had no safety.

The sun looked so beautiful, as it fell on Thursday. My family and I stood amazed by something so exalted. Once the sun fell, my family and I began our long night of activities such as; grilling out, telling stories, singing songs, and sitting around the bonfire. I felt that something spied over me. I knew something spied over me.

As night scurried onto the earliest morning, I began to feel uncomfortable in the contracted tent. That’s when I saw him. Gazing into my soul with his red beady eyes. He moved swiftly through the woods. Leaping over branches and bumping into bushes. He would stop every once in awhile to stare at me, but he shared a deadly stare with me.

I know that he is out there today, somewhere, sharing that deadly stare with some other unlucky mortal.

The author's comments:

I hope that this piece makes people enjoy and wonder what will happen next. Nothing really inspired me to do this type of writing, I just wanted to make people enjoy my writing.

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