Brother Trouble

October 5, 2016
By dayday_23 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
dayday_23 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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I woke up in the morning, so i can get ready for school and to not miss the bus this time. I'am getting dress, so i sat in the living room for a bit until the bus came, but i got up to go get some lotion out of my older brother Walters room because my hands look like i been playing in sand, I walked in and seen at least  about $300 on the dresser, then i thought to myself “ should take some money for school”, Then i made my decision and took $30 dollars. I got to school and right away i started to flash my money because in 3rd grade $30 dollars is a whole lot to us.

My friends Lenny and Gilbert they was excited their damn selves asking me all kinda question like “ how u get that”, “let me hold something”, it was crazy, but they are my homes so i gave the both of $10 dollars each, them dudes must of been happy when i did that because they started losing  their minds. It's 12:00 o’clock school not over until 2:45 we in class I got my money flashing it to people and then my teacher seen me i guess she was surprised because she never really seen me with money before, she instantly pulled me outside asking all types of questions like “where i get all this money from” “ who gave it to me”, i was just why she worrying about my business and s***, i know she a teacher and everything but damn. Then she pulled out her cellphone out  and started to look up my mom number, i told her “ you're gonna call my mom over $10 funky dollars”, then she said “i already took Gilbert's and Lenny's money and they said they got it from you, in my head i'm like damn they ratted on me, my own homes. So she ask again, “where you  get the money from Dayshawn,” then i just decided to tell the truth. I told her i got it from my brothers room, i got picked up right school and i know i was finna get it. I got in trouble for two weeks, i couldn’t go to the park, my friends house, or nothing. I learned my lesson never steal from your family member.

The author's comments:

this about me stealing from my older brother.

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