Wisdom Teeth

October 4, 2016

The YouTube videos are a lie! A week before I had to get my wisdom teeth surgically extracted I watched videos of people who had just come out from getting their wisdom teeth removed. They would say funny things, act all silly, and laugh a lot after their procedure. However, I found out that everyone reacts differently to anesthesia.

I walked into the office scared and the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy! Walking in I was thinking that not only would I be walking out with four less teeth, but I thought I would be walking out acting like the people in the videos. Sadly, I was mistaken. After the procedure I was woken up and very confused, my emotions were all over the place! While waking up I had tears rolling down my swollen, sore face and I had no idea where I was, let alone where my father had run off to. I went into the recovery room where he sat patiently waiting for me to enter. As soon as our eyes met he smirked. He never asked how I was feeling, but if I wanted to take a selfie. Of course, I nodded my head in agreement. I still had tears rolling down my numb cheeks, but as soon as I saw myself I immediately started to laugh. I looked so ridiculous with the ice packs strapped to my head! However, with pain overcoming all other feelings, I was ready to head home to relax and recover quickly.

As we headed home I was still very emotional. That five-minute ride home felt like forever. As soon as we reached our destination I laid down on the couch. I was all cuddled up with a big, warm, comfy blanket, and my ice packs strangling my face with the remote near by. My Dad had left the room and I went to turn the television on, I was confused as to why the power button wasn’t working. My emotions had gotten the best of me, and the medicine was still well in my system, and I began to cry once again. Once I gathered my emotions, I went to go rip off the ice packs but instead I was pulling on my own lip! No wonder why that stupid headband never came off! My face was still numb so I couldn’t feel a thing. My Dad ended up walking into the room while I was tugging on my lip and began to laugh at me. It upset me at first, but once I told him what my issue was, he eventually came over to help me. As he’s still giggling, he adjusted the ice packs, and flipped the remote over in the right direction, he then looked at me and said, “On the bright side it’s an ‘all you can eat’ mashed potatoes and gravy at Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night!” In the end, I didn’t have an outcome like the YouTube videos, but I did have my loving family by my side cheering me up throughout my whole recovery, I guess it’s true when they say laughter and love is the best medicine!

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