Homework Causes Kids Too Much Stress

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If you guys are in school, you guys will know what I’m talking about when I say kids are being stressed out with how much homework they are given by teachers. I believe kids are given too much homework that they don’t have time to study for other classes. Also homework is graded so if the kids are stressed they're not going to do it so there grade is going to drop rapidly.

According to “Do Kids Need Homework” the Buffalo Academy, students are required to read 30 minutes every night. I’m sure that most of schools are like that, same with mine, just we have to read 20 minutes a night. I feel a lot of stress and I know other kids feel the same way. “Kids need more free time to play and relax after a long day in school (Many supporters of no-homework policies).”

According to “Homework Stress: Construct Validation of a Measure”

homework can be a problem with parents and students. “Students report that their interactions with their parents around homework often involve conflicts and punishment.” Now I personally have had tons of arguments with my parents over homework and I can say it has affected our relationships heavily. 

I understand homework can have a good impact, A study by Indiana University found that students who do more homework tend to get higher scores on standardized tests( Kilimnick). I understand why that's good but if it was so important to that student, couldn’t they study, or can teachers assign homework but  not required (kind of like a study guide).

In conclusion, school boards around the world should start considering making homework gone so kids have time to study on their own, get better grades, and have better relationships with family.




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