one of my favorite mistake

September 26, 2016
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My favorite mistake was when i was hanging out with the wrong group. When i was in 7th grade i was hanging out with the wrong group but i didn't know. When teachers told me ‘‘don’t hang  hang out with them’’ i didn't  listen i ignored them ‘‘i don't care what u say’’. When teachers in rosa parks keeped telling me ‘‘DON'T hang out with them over and over again’’ i didn't listen. During the year in 7th grade i got in a gang. I thought that it was going to be cool cause there that one person the always gots your back in every situation ‘‘u got my back right’’. I thought that it was going to be easy but it ended up hard to stay in it . At the end of 7th grade i got suspended because of fights. Then the last day in 7th grade i felt bad because all the group was going to high school except me and three other people ‘‘it's only us four’’.

When i went to the 8th grade more people hate me because of the gang i was in and then teachers got me this one person ‘‘i'm going to help you’’ that could help me stay away from the gang but it didn't work ‘‘i don't care what u say’’. When people kept calling me a ‘‘scrap’’ i got mad, then what i said was ‘‘F U chap’’ i knew what that meant and i got  so mad there was always a fight. As my 8th grade year i went to folsom prison with two teachers ‘‘he is going to change once he comes back’’ and then other people to see what was in there. When i went and and came back teachers thought that i was going to change but didn’t.

When i went to 9th grade i was going to be in a gang. But then i started liking this and ever since that day i kept trying to stop ‘‘i'm going to stop’’ because if i wanted to be with her i couldn't bring her in it to, so i tried to stop and stay away from my pass’’im going to stop i'm not going to be the same one from the pass’’ . Until Right now i have no problems like i use to have and still trying to stop but sometimes i just keep going back’’why do i keep going back why’’. 

What i learned from my pass is that i should off never went through that path. I use to get so many problems by been in a gang but now that i'm out of it i don’t get the same problems. I don't ever want to back to my pass and i don't want to get my self and family to get problems. Another reason is that i don't want to go back because i don't want any of my brothers to go the same way i did and i don't want them to go through. One Thing is that i'm the one only in my hole family that was gang related.

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Brian1999 said...
Oct. 3, 2016 at 2:48 pm
That's crazy dude
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