The Pursuit for Success

September 30, 2016

Being a first generation American, I have an abundant amount of opportunities right at my fingerprints, aspiring me to use them to my advantage and for the well being of my family. My parents were both born in Peru and they constantly tell me how corrupt and dangerous the country is. They sought to shelter my brother and I from the misfortunes they went through in Peru so we can have a better life to prosper in. They left behind all of their family members and entered into an unfamiliar world with a distinct culture, language, and customs.

Upon first arriving, everything was new and foreign to them, like a baby first arriving into the world. They had to make sacrifices for our well being because they never had a figure in their lives to guide them towards an educational path, but were told to go work as soon as possible. My dad guided himself because he was wise enough to realize for himself that he needed to study and gain a degree instead of partake in a wearing, grueling job requiring physical labor for little compensation.

Unfortunately in Peru, even though you did study and earn a degree, in this case my dad earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration, not much could be made out of it because only those who were wealthy, of a prestigious family, or a graduate from a top school could get a stable job. He was the first from his family to decide to immigrate to the U.S, which was one of the most difficult choices he had to make in his life, but also one of the best, despite the fact that they continue till this day making sacrifices for us because my mom works for hours on end as a housekeeper. She always meets the demands of her clients, and always does more work than she needs to to make sure they’re satisfied with her work. Her hard working attitude motivates me to do the same but transfer it into my schoolwork and academic success. In middle school, a light bulb sparked in my head and it hit me that it’s up to me to bring my family out of this difficult situation. I have to make their journey and sacrifices well worth it so I study and gain as much knowledge as possible so I could pursue a job as a surgeon, preferably a cardiologist, so I could help others and improve my family’s poor economic situation. Their difficult journey here is my inspiration and it makes me realize how fortunate I am to be living in the land of opportunities.

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