My Opinion on Life

September 30, 2016

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is? I mean I have. I just think: “What’s my purpose?” Now some people want to go down in history but, time is forever. So history is forever. Even if we are able to go down in history, how long into the future until you don't matter? In schools they can't teach all the history because the past never stops going. Let's take Charles the first for instance. When schools stop teaching about him what happens? He is just forgotten, not even a memory. Now yes we have technology and can easily look him up but if we go so far in the future that their is no need to look him up than what? His existence becomes insignificant. And that’s what everyone is scared of right? Being insignificant? Being forgotten? Heck, I’m scared of that too. But I have came to accept the fact that I won't be remembered for ever. No one can. And with that I choose to leave this topic.

I feel that we don't take the time to really realize what life is. For me, I was born too late to explore the world, but too early to explore the universe. When I die men may not even have traveled past Mars, which is less than one light year away. One light year is very small when you consider the fact that we can ONLY see 45 billion light years into space. That makes you feel small huh? Yeah me too. It's crazy when we take the time to actually realize how small and useless we are. Yep, let's admit it, we are useless. Now some people say “Well i'm not useless if I contribute to _________.” Now let's think about this. If you contribute to your town, what about your state? Than, what about your country? Than, what about the world? Than, what about the solar system? (Not yet, but) what about the universe? You see my point? Its never ending. Our life is more useless than a leaf falling from a tree. Most of us are just too afraid to admit it. And with that I choose to leave this topic.

Let's get into a deeper subject, death. Yep that five letter word that scares us so much that we choose to not think about it. I mean we basically are on a timer. Our bodies will only survive for so long. And than what? What's after death? Now again, this is my opinion and for this I choose to leave my religion out of this. So as a disclosure, if you get offended by doubts on your religion, than skip this paragraph. Back on topic. What is death? Well when you die you are no longer alive, obviously, but what happens after? Now some people have religions that tells them what would happen after they die, but there are roughly 4,200 religions on this earth. So who’s to say which one is right? What if after we die that's just it. We are just a memory. It wouldn't matter to us because we would no longer exist and we would no longer have a mind that can think. And with that I choose to leave this topic.

So what's the point of all this? To be honest it's up to interpretation. For me it's like this: I have a little life, when I die, life goes on. And to be quite honest I accepted that. You have to determine what you want your short life to be. In my opinion, do something you love, be with people you love, and enjoy your short life because it is way more valuable to you than this paper we call money. In the end, things you do won’t matter to everyone else. So do the things that matter to you, because no one can change what matters to you.

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