This I Believe in Taylor

September 30, 2016

He was lying on the ground with cherry red blisters all over his body, screaming in horror because putting sweatpants on was like a thousand knives stabbing his body. We were on our way to leave for a twenty-one hour drive to Texas when Taylor started acting different. He wasn't being happy playing with his cars. He was just extremely quiet, which one year olds are never quiet. When we took him to the doctors, they instantly knew something was wrong; they thought he had erythema multiforme. Erythema is a skin disease that makes a bulls eye like rash appear all over the body. At that moment, he was only a year and a half, and I did not understand if it was serious, so I broke down hysterically crying. Taylor ended up being fine; he just needed to take antibiotics, but for me, it was much more like I had almost lost one my best friends when he was so young.   

Taylor is three years old; he has only been in 18% of my life, yet he has made one of the biggest impacts a person has ever made. However, Taylor is not your normal three year old. Yes, he loves digging in dirt, but he always makes sure to say “I love you” when someone leaves, and picks up his toys before he is asked to. He is also one of the smartest, most caring kids ever. He always reminds me to be silly when we are with each other. He makes me happy when I’m gloomy. He keeps me sane and always finds a way to make me laugh by doing the littlest things. He is my brother, but he is also one of my best friends. Nothing happens by accident.   

I believe that a paw patrol band aid can make the smallest owies feel better. I believe that a weekend spent watching Dragon Tales and Thomas the Train is a weekend well spent. I believe that after you say your ABCs correctly three times, a milkshake reward is 100% needed. I believe in hugs before I go to work, even if I'm gonna be late because of it. I believe in watching Sunday night football and hear him screaming “Go Michigan!” for every team. I believe in only bringing one blanket on road trips, even when I know he will steal mine. I believe in hot wheels and dinosaur chicken nuggets because those are what makes him light up with happiness. I believe in bedtime stories about cars and green eggs and ham. I believe in playing with him, even if Gracie is over because he says it is our duty as sisters. I believe that friendship has no age limit. I believe that we solemnly swear we are up to no good. I believe in Taylor.

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