Memories from that Sweater

September 29, 2016
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I believe in the sweater my aunt made me when I was a child, because it shows how much love is in our family. It shows the bravery of our family, and that we remember her even if she is not with us physically.

The sweater my aunt  gave me was a good gift. It kept me warm all the time I was never cold. I remember I went over to her house and she gave it to me and I was super happy, I think I was  2 or 3. The thing that made me love it more was that she made it herself and did not just buy it.

I believe in this sweater because it shows the love that our family has with each other. It shows that even if we are not together we still remember her and what she did. It shows that we care about each other and if we ever need help anything. This love was given when we took care of my sick aunt for a couple of months, she was the one that gave me the sweater.

I believe in the beautiful green sweater that has my name on it because it represents a lot of things that I went through during my life. This sweater represents why i'm in the USA and not in Mexico, it represents why I moved 4 times. it shows the strength that my family had when my aunt got killed.

I believe in this sweater because it shows my family's bravery of leaving everything we had in Mexico and come to the USA with nothing. I never wanted to leave but I had too and this sweater reminds me of what I felt when I had to leave. It reminds me of all my friends in mexico because they used to say my sweater was really cool, it reminds me of my childhood in Mexico, and how much I loved it.

I believe in  this sweater because it represents who I am now. I would not be able to be here, know a new language, have more opportunities, and meeting different people. This sweater shows my improvement from speaking spanish and now knowing english. I believe that if what happened to my aunt did not happen I would have less opportunities and a way different future. It reminds me on the day we got the news about what happened to my aunt that night and I remember I was wearing her sweater because when my uncle came with the news he looked at it then told my mom what happened, and this makes me who I am because it made me strong and be happy, it gave me hope that she would be ok. And when she was gone I went in the bed that she was in when she was in a coma and I felt like she was there with me, this made me brave not to cry.

I believe in this sweater because it reminds me of my brother and being with him every day. I put it on this bear that he gave me for my birthday and when I see it it makes me miss him. It sometimes makes me wonder why my mom did not make him come with us. But it was because he was not allowed to come to the USA like me because I was born here. But he also had reasons for him not to come because he had college, and a  job. Most of his life was there and possibly, that's why he did not want to come. But at least he comes visit us now and we go visit him.

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