I Believe in My Truck

September 29, 2016
By , Denver, CO

I have always grown up wanting one of my own. My father grew up with one, my mother currently owns one, and finally, I do too. A pickup truck. Ever since my 15th birthday, my father decided to give me his current truck at the time as a birthday present. Then, a few months later, I decided to trade it in for a brand new one! So now, I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD High Country. My truck has developed to be a part of me, I have gained a slight “love” for it. I believe in my truck, because it is ideal to take on any task, such as either moving things from one place to another, having to tow something a far distance, having fun on a boring day, or simply just wanting a day to cruise and relax.

The big, white, bulky, tough looking vehicle allows me to feel like an all out Badass. My most prized possession helps me create a sense of humility. Although it may be brand new and fancy, I keep quiet about it, as in, not be a show off. Others, if they owned a new vehicle, would post it online, brag about it to their friends, and also, think that they are better than everyone. Not me, I keep to myself about it. If someone compliments it, great, if people ask about it, I respond, but I never show it off. The reason is because I have always been raised as a humble person, my father taught me that being humble earns respect and gives more respect to others. Choosing not to show off my truck is a reflection of my personality and I believe that people can see and understand that I am not a conceited person.

Anytime I drive by in my truck, or get on or off of it, many people will see my truck and think of it as very quiet, pretty new, and also pretty bright and intimidating. My truck is not any average sized vehicle, it is a lot bigger than most vehicles such as, sedans, suvs, light duty trucks, and so on. Also, many trucks like mine tend to be really loud and obnoxious. Not mine, mine can whizz by and you would not be able to notice it. Being one of the fanciest trucks on the market today, people tend to stare at it a lot longer than any other truck that passes by. All of this affects on how people view me as a person. One who knows about trucks and knows what their purposes are, will know that I am not messing around when it comes to work.

Whenever I am around my truck people see me as a hardworking, confident, serious person, but yet very humble. Hardworking because, well, that is what my truck is for, hard work, towing, pulling, and loading. Also, confident because, like my truck, I am head strong, ready to take on any task assigned to me. The humility is what gets everyone, others with nice vehicles drive by, step on the gas and try to gain attention, not me, although that is what people expect, I just keep to myself and drive slowly, minding my own business.
I believe that my truck is one of the best solutions for me to relieve stress, and also, helps clear my mind. Whenever I encounter struggles in life, or just have difficulty comprehending situations, I always go out for a drive and just cruise around town, maybe get an ICEE at the local gas station, then just roll my windows down, and cruise. Being such a big, modern vehicle, my truck keeps me safe while on the road. The size helps because it decreases the amount of damage during a collision, and the technology being extremely helpful, having colliding alerts, and radio use restrictions, reduces the chances of me getting in an accident.

The best parts of owning my truck, are the memories. I remember one time, my father bought a tractor, a John Deere 4230 to be specific, and it was huge! How were we gonna get that to Mexico? My father thought of the best solution, hitch my truck to a gooseneck flatbed, and load the tractor on it. The entire load was 14 TONS, and that is extremely heavy! But it was nothing for my truck, it towed that tractor 2,000 miles south all the way down to our ranch in Mexico. It was one of the greatest experiences that I encountered with my truck, feeling its horsepower and torque combine into one fierce machine. Hearing that engine roar down the highway, and through the towns. But, my truck is not just great at towing, it’s pretty fast too. Every time I am getting on the highway, I just step on it, increasing the engine’s revolutions, hearing the turbo activate, hissing like a king cobra about to strike. Getting shoved into my seat because of so much force, similar to the feeling one gets when an airplane takes off, yes, an airplane, that’s what my truck feels like. Another memory is, one time when my buddies and I decided to go mudding in our trucks, mine being the biggest, I went first because I was sure that I wouldn’t get stuck. I went through, no problem, it came out all brown, hence my truck being white, then after me, went my friends, one of them got stuck, and I was the only one with tow rope, so I had to pull them out. Gosh how funny it was, my truck pretty much dragged my buddy’s truck out like nothing. There are tons of great memories that I have with my truck, and those were only a few, and I will continue making more.

I believe in my truck, because it is ideal to take on any task. If it is either moving things from one place to another, having to tow something a far distance, having fun on a boring day, or simply just wanting a day to cruise and relax. As I became more fond of it, understanding how it works, and all its mechanics, I began to learn what my truck can and cannot do. Bonding me more to it I began to give it more importance than anything. Overall, my truck has become a part of me, and has also become something that would be extremely difficult to live without.

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