Summer 2015

September 23, 2016
By , Sacramento, CA

Last summer, I decided to go camping with my brothers and their friends at ice house. We left and arrived there around 6 so we ate and then set up our tent. As we were setting up I notice my brother Alex leaves and he walks out of the campsite.

I hear my brother Javy mumble under his breath,” That doesn’t surprise me, he’s hella lazy.”

10 minutes later, Alex comes back yelling that he found a lake and wants to go.

Alex yells, “Jose where did you put the inner tubes? I just came back from the lake and I can’t wait to jump in it.”

As he gets closer I notice that Jose is already taking them out of the back of the car. He takes out all of them and the pump.

Jose then orders, ”Here make sure you put air in all of them and everyone else go to the bathrooms and get dressed. Aye Rodney help me get the drinks out the back.”

Rodney then heads towards Jose, but yells at Lynn, “Babe before you leave, can you look for the inflatable cooler and pass it to alex?

As she looks through the car, I walk to the bathrooms and change. I walk out and I’m wondering if we’re actually going in because it’s cold now the water will be colder until we get used to it. We wait for Jose, Alex, and Rodney to change. We each grab a side of the double seated inner tubes and head out, we get there in about 5 minutes.

I thought to myself, “ If only mom didn’t work tomorrow she’d see how perfect this is.”

We jump in not thinking anything else but that this is one of our last swims of the summer.

“F*** it’s cold.” I tried to keep my thoughts to myself but somehow the words escaped my mouth.

We each get into our own floater and tie them together so no matter how far we wander we’ll be together. Lynn then passes everyone chips and a beer, we just hang out and talk. We plan what we’ll do before the trip ends and add an extra day because we won’t get everything done. My brother tells me that in certain areas such as lakes in the dark you can hear an echo, but in the day you can’t. I decide to test it to see if it’s true. I howl at my loudest, and before I know it, everyone else is already joining in. We continue for about 10 minutes.

“Hey.” I said, “Do you guys see that light flashing?”

Lynn answers back, “Yea I think it's the cops.”

I continue, “What time does the lake close? I’m pretty sure we aren’t supposed to be here.”

Jose says, “Let’s get out of here because they probably think we are lost and if they do come here, we’ll get in trouble.”

“Why would we get in trouble?” I thought.

Just then Jose answers my thought, “She and Javy are minors and there drinking,and we’re here after hours.”

Splash! We all jump out the tubes and into the water. We head for the rocks carrying the inner tubes. We didn't want to walk on the sand because we didn't want to be tracked, clearly we weren’t thinking because in that moment Lynn's feet were slippery from the water and the sand and she tripped. She cuts her leg on a broken rock and drops the flashlight. There is no point in looking for it because we're at the top already and it's pitch black. We look for lights that would direct us to the campsite. I think back to the year before and how my tia told me that when she came to this place a bear was in her campsite.

We wander for a while then notice a dimmed light flickering from one of the bathrooms we head towards it and then see our camp. When we get to camp we set the floaters down, grab our clothes and head back to the bathrooms to change. After I'm done I head back but I was tempted to yell so loud that I could probably wake up everyone in the camp but my brother sneaks up and covers my mouth.

“Don't move or say anything.” Javy whispers. “If you talk too loud the bear might attack us.”

The bear goes to another campsite and as it leaves I notice the rest of the guys coming back. They say something about them getting off with a warning because we didn’t know when the lake actually closed.

I learned the most spontaneous adventures always have some sort of bad outcome. Going on adventures with my family and friends might seem cool at the moment, but my brothers only attract trouble.

I've grown in a more mature way, I mean I stopped drinking the alcohol I am handed. I haven’t ran into the cops, and don’t plan on running into or from them anytime soon. 

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