The Blackout

September 23, 2016
By , sacramento, CA

hat day, I did something i'll never forget. It was about three years ago; I Was with my friends and i made a big mistake that would scar me for life. In my mind I wish I never did that in the first place. Honestly I don't even completely remember what happened that night.


Earlier that morning I planned on spending the night at my friends house because, it was her birthday. It was only me, her, and about 3 other friends. That day we all went out and went shopping and then to the movies to celebrate. Soon after we were at her house and we were just celebrating the party.

“ Do you want a drink ?” My friend asked. In my mind I really didn’t want to but, she insisted since it was her birthday.


“ Where’s the shots at?” I asked indecisively. I thought since it’s her birthday why the heck not.


As I started to drink I was taking more and more shots as I kept on going.  I felt that adrenaline like I was invincible like I could do anything, nothing was phasing me. Soon after that we were all drinking a lot, I drank so much that the alcohol tasted like water so I just kept on going. I was going crazy all night, the night was very fun. Theres some things I’ll never forget, then yet there’s a lot of things i don’t even remember me doing.


Soon after in my mind i still had some sense and i knew things were getting out of hand but; i didnt care because i thought why not i’m already drunk. Drink after drink made me feel even more out of character. Soon after all i remember was that i blacked out or i at least i don’t remember what happened after that. Early in the morning the next day I, felt very cold, shivering as a matter a fact. I felt the goosebumps as i was trying to rub my arms to at least get some warmth. Then i got up and my body felt like i slept on the street and then i notice, I was on somebody’s roof. It was a very shocking moment because I was wondering how i got the “hell” up there. Then i somehow found a way to get off the roof which was my friends neighbors and go back to my friends house. The whole day my body was hurting and i had the worst hangover. It felt like i was being kicked and punched in the head a numerous amount of times.


After what happened thankfully i didn’t get into any trouble. I learned to never drink under age again because, who knows what could happen. Then another thing to add is, not drink with the wrong friends and be responsible. Now that i have learned from those mistakes I, stopped drinking and learned who my real friends were and weren’t. 

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