Gym Failure

September 26, 2016
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Gym accidents - you have experienced them or watched them on instagram. All in all, they are set for failure. I am no Bradley Martyn, and I should have known that the scenario would be the same for me. I learned the hard way when I could have taken it from others who already been in that situation.


There I was, September 20,2016 left handed gripping a 70 pound dumbbell, right hand in front of another dumbbell getting my form right. Storming around Sac Fitness cleaning up every piece of broken glass on the floor. The looks on peoples face filled with astonishment and laughter the shattered glass broke loudly that I got goosebumps and that look like s***.

Their I was in the gym on a back and bicep day with my gym squad Raul and Brayan. We were just finishing the last exercise for back and then were headed to biceps.

“Look Tony this is why you don't pay attention because you're on the phone” said Brayan as he tried to explain to me.
As I took my headphones off and pay attention to him
“like this left forward and right foot like a ninety degree angle”
“Chest out.”
“Grab a 50 pound dumbbell.”
“All the way up and all the way down.”

As I was finishing my third set I was trying my hardest to use a lot of momentum on the last two reps. As I sat down took a quick rest and preparing for the final set.

“Grab a 70 ,said brayan”
I thought to myself “alright”
“Do I use the straps?”
“Nah no straps”

As I began my final set I began with my left arm since it's not my dominate arm I had just finished my 10 reps. As I gently dropped the weight I picked up the weight and begin my right arm. As i gave it my all on my final rep I dropped that b**** and the weight vibrated. Moments later the glass begins to fall forward all at once. As I seen it coming toward me I ran backwards because I wasn't trying to get a concussion lol.

The moment i seen it fall and shatter into multiple pieces everybody in the dumbbell area, bike area (cardio) and the machine area just looked at me.

As my two pals seen the incident they had to pull out their phones and Instagram and Snapchat it lol.

“When Somebody goes in hard in the gym”( laughing emoji) as Brayan was recording the video.

“When one of your workout partners breaks the window and messes up” as Raul was posting his video up.

Moments later brayan says to me” go find the big black guy and tell him that an incident has happened”
I replied “ok.”

The moment I went up front my heart was beating at a rate like it's all bad. I touched the man lightly by the shoulder and gave him the signal to take his earphones off so he could hear me.

“Something is broken can you come and clean it up?”

“Yeah I'll be their in a min.”
The moment I returned to my friends their reactions were damn this boy is f***ed.

As these two gentlemen were helping the man move the rack and move the dumbbells so we could clean the broken class

“Go help him out Tony!” as Raul gave direct eye contact.
“Alright,” as I muttered.
“Do you need help?”, as I asked the African American.
Yeah I guess so.”

He had asked me of what had occur and I told him that I slammed the weight on accident and that the weight vibrated and the window feel and shattered.


“It's koo s*** happens like this all the time”
“One happened last year when I wasn't here”, as he was telling me his story.
As we finished cleaning up every single piece of broke glass he had told me
“appreciate the help brotha”
“No problem.”

As I finished the clean up and left him to vacuum the small remains on the fall I went back to my friends had a discussion of how the Tracy the owner would get on my ass..

“F*** Tony don't come tmrw”, as Brayan couldn't not stop laughing. 

Moments later Brandon shows up (Mr.Piggy) and came with a smile on his face and asked “who did it lmao?”
“Tony did”, as Raul and Brayan replied black to Brandon.
As brayan interrupted “Tracy made Brandon pay 2 bills for breaking a machine… it's on your contract when u sign up if you break you pay it”.

As we were on our last bicep exercise I went with Brayan and Raul to finish my miserable night.
“3 of 12” said Brayan.

As we finished our workout for the day he said to me “call them to pick you up”.


I learned from my mistake that life's full of consequences good and bad. That one day we'll get to experience or have experience a near death experience and to learn from others who've been in that scenario.


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