Stupid Mistake

September 28, 2016
By , sacramento, CA

I am at school bored and it’s 6th period waiting for that damn bell to ring. Finally the bell rings i get up hella happy as i walk to the door to leave i see my friend waiting for me. “Wassup bro” i said “sup bro” he replied. “Let’s start walking” he said “aight” i replied we start walking and we have nothing to do we didn’t want to go home right away.

As we continue to walk my friend said “aye bro you want to do something today?” “Sure what do you feel like doing?” i said. We were thinking on what to do and my friend said “want to do something cool?” “Sure” i said. “Look at the house right there” he said pointing at a house. I looked at it but didn’t know what he wanted to do. “Let’s go on the roof and chill for a bit” he said. I said “aight”. We climbed on top of the roof and we were chilling. My friend was walking around the roof making a lot of noise and the owner came out and saw us. We jumped off the roof i didn’t care if my feet were going to hurt i just wanted to get down and we started sprinting away. Once we were far enough my friend said “yo let’s not try that again.” “aight” i replied.

I don’t know if the owner saw my face or my friends face but i was wearing a hoodie . after that we went to the store and we went to the park. We were thinking how dumb we are for going on a roof. I learned from from that mistake after i was thinking we could of have faced consequences but luckily we didn’t face any.after that we just went home and played some call of duty.

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