Memorial Day Sacrifices from Our Troops, Community...and My Mom

September 28, 2016
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American servicemen and women make the ultimate sacrifice — Anyone can make a sacrifice. But what about those who make the ultimate sacrifice and risk their lives for their fellow Americans?

Our troops make sacrifices —  Military men and women leave their families for months and years so Americans can wake up in the morning. They risk their lives so we can enjoy freedom, liberty and the American dream. For their sacrifices, they need to be honored.

Our community members make sacrifices — Your neighbor, your teacher, or your friend’s parent could be part of law enforcement or the fire department. They sacrifice time and put their lives on the line so Americans can live in a safe environment. They need to be shown that people that are grateful for their sacrifice.

My mom makes sacrifices — My mom, a volunteer firefighter, keeps the community safe. She risks her life, willing to help those in danger. My mom has a family and people that love her.  Although she doesn’t go away for years at a time, she still deserves to be honored as much as the men and women in the military.

In my eyes, they are making this world greater than it was before. On Memorial Day, I am reminded to honor the troops over seas and honor our local heros. And I also honor my mom. I honor our troops, our community members and my mom for their service and their sacrifices.

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